Walk to Cure Diabetes

I want to start a team to walk but my mom is afraid that there is a registration fee in addition to the fundraising money. Can anyone tell me if there is? I haven't been able to find one but I still want to make sure. Thanks!

For the walk in my town, there is no registration fee. you just fundraise and that's it. I haven't heard of there being one, but you could always call your local JDRF chapter to ask or go to http://walk.jdrf.org/ to find information about the walk.

I have never heard of a rgistration fee. You simply raise money from donations and that is all. And they don't care if it is $20 bucks or $2000 bucks, they will be grateful you participated. We have a small team every year and truly enjoy it. It is a great time and an easy way to raise money for JDRF.

Thanks everyone, hopefully this will convince my mom to let me start a team =]