Walk To Cure

Hi Everyone,

I am going a Walk-To-Cure with JDRF and was wondering if anyone had some fundraising ideas for donations that they have used in the past that worked! I have tried hanging up a donation flyer at my place of work about a week ago (No donations still) and all of my family and friends are already walking with my team!  I have no problem donating myself which I plan on doing, but I'd like to help the cause more than that! The walk is in October and really want to try and make a difference.


i was too late to really do anything this year..i just made a flyer for work(got me a couple $5 donations) and a facebook group for it(got me a total of about $150) but next year i plan on doing a bottle drive(it will be a lot of work but if you've got friends to help that would be great), gonna see about doing another art show and donating 50% of any sales.

you could see if any of the schools in your area are having craft fairs(not sure when your walk is) and see if you can get a table and have a bake sale.