Wall of Change

The makers of Pumpwear have an initiative to raise money for the JDRF called the Wall of Change For more information visit Pumpwearinc.com

Just take the number of years you or your loved one has had diabetes and form that number using your spare change.  Be creative and have fun!


Take a picture of the child or adult with the coins and e-mail to pumpwear@nycap.rr.com. We will promptly display on our

 “Wall of Change

 Then - Just take the change you used with your name and address label "Wall of Change" and mail to:                              


You will receive an e-mail from the JDRF office thanking you for your participation and the address to send all change.



It's time for a change!  And we can get there one dime at a time!


All funds raised during the "Wall of Change" Campaign is donated directly to JDRF. 


All components and rights to the Wall of Change Campaign are the property of Pump Wear Inc.

interesting. kids will love doing something like this.

What a good idea :)

Got to make a note to myself to do this :)

Me too MeMe...

I  love this idea:) I just sent mine :-D