Walmart relion prime glucose meter

Im wondering of others experiences with the walmart relion prime glucose meter and its accuracy especially compared to other more expensive meters. I have read reviews that this meter reads about 20 points higher than others. Has anyone experieneced this ? Thanks

@Dk1978 hi Dawn, I’ve seen differences between Bayer, J&J and my new meter, and I’ve seen differences between different meters from the same company. The meter itself is a dumb reader… it’s the repeatability, and consistancy of the strips that makes the bigger differences.

If you need a Relion meter, it’s better than nothing. spot check it against your doctor’s meter when you go in for a visit, and also remember that ALL meters are between +/-10 and +/-20% accurate anyway… in other words, if your meter says 106 mg/dl, your actual blood sugar is between 95 mg/dl and 117 for a “great” meter and between 85 and 127 mg/dl for the worst of them.

The scarier issue is if you get a reading of 170, or 250, because the value of these errors increase with increasing blood sugar, no matter which bs meter you have.

good luck.