Wanna make friends from ages 11-17

i was recently told i have t1d and i just want a biger team

Welcome to the forum Lexi! How’s the whiplash ride so far?
My name is Lise, I’m 16 and I’ve had T1D for 3 years.
This is a good place to get in touch with other T1Ds. If you want to meet people in person, I’d recommend getting in touch with your endos office to see if they have programs for teenagers. You can also check with your local JDRF chapter to see if they have events coming up.

Heyo! I’m Landen, I’m 15, only a few months I got this whole T1 thing, and usually from my experience there’s lots of people even locally that are type one that you didn’t even know of because of good control, so you never know who’ll be willing to share that with you that they are also type one if your open enough about it in trustworthy environments! Over all, this forum is also a great place, I get a lot of help and helpful tips on my research into different things I’m studying about type one and over all I feel like those who you interact with on here can be really good friends, I am sorry you had to be type one, but hey like I always tell myself, there’s not a better time to do it than now!