Wanna make friends from ages 11-17

That’s alright, I hope you’re doing alright and things will get better

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do you have email?

Yeah I do, it’s where I get this account from actually. It’s makenabenson@icloud.com

okay,thanks i added you.

I’m doing good :slight_smile: I haven’t been on here in a while (read: a week)
I’m it’s may! Just June and then summer vacation!!
Do any of you babysit? I always seem to plummet when I babysit, even if I’m just playing legos. It’s a little annoying :slight_smile:
I’m not on social media and I’m not allowed to share contact info online. Happy to direct message through this forum though :slight_smile:

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Hehe that’s a LOT of :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’m Brooklynn, I’m 16 and I was diagnosed last summer. I don’t know any other people my age who have t1d and would love to make connections. How is everyone?

Hi brooklynn! Welcome to the club no one asked to join! (And welcome to the forum :grin:) how’s the rollercoaster ride been so far? How did you figure out you were T1D?
Do you have a pump/CGM or are you on multiple daily injections/finger pokes?

In case you hadn’t already figured it out, my name is Lise and I’m also 16! I was diagnosed 3 years ago and I’m using a dexcom g6 (love it!) and a tandem insulin pump (love-hate relationship with that thing).

Question for all of you- have any of you taken AP classes? How’d the testing go for you?
I just took ap world history and the test went pretty good- diabetes decided to cooperate for once and I didn’t have to stop for BG related stuff.
In case you didn’t know, college board runs the ap, psat, and sat exams. They’re super strict and won’t let a tissue box into the exam room, let alone an insulin pump. So I get accommodations and have to sit in my own room with my own proctor because if my BG goes low or something beeps I could disqualify my test and anyone else’s in the room. Ridiculous but that’s how it goes.

If you’re gonna be taking an ap test or the psat/sat go talk to the office to make sure you’ve got accommodations- college board and 504 plans are not the same deal!

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It’s been a bit rough but I’m working through it. I struggle with giving myself permission to have higher carb stuff. I got diagnosed by going into DKA. I also have the dexcom G6 and a love-hate relationsip with the tandem pump.

I’ve taken AP classes and it went well. My blood sugar did start to drop a bit during the AP Chemistry exam but I had gummies when it was going down at 90 so it didn’t drop all the way. If you are taking any College Board exam make sure to get your accomodations early because mine got rejected. I wasn’t able to have extra time in case I got low but I was able to go to the bathroom when I wanted to and eat during the exam.

Glad to hear the exams went well for you! I was snacking on crackers during my exam cause my bgs were also around 85 the entire time.
I was really hoping to take AP chem next year but my school isn’t going to offer it next year for some reason. :frowning:
Bummer your accommodations were rejected the first time around! And weird that they didn’t let you have extra time. I didn’t realize I needed accommodations until 3 weeks before the psat and that was stressful. Miracle of miracles the help lady put us on expedite and I got them all a few days before the test.

How high carb are we talking here?

Yeah I completely understand because it’s so stressful because a lot can happen to a diabetic in a few hours.
AP chemistry is such a hard class but it’s extremely rewarding when you start to understand it. At my school we didn’t have AP Bio this year because not enough people signed up for it and there were too many students in other science classes for there to be space for a teacher to teach AP Bio. Maybe something similar happened at your school causing there to be no AP Chemistry?
I’m about to take the SAT soon and I have accomodations in place. Now that I got through the AP exams I think I will be less nervous about my blood sugar.

I used to have a huge sweet tooth but after my diagnosis I tried to avoid sweets as much as possible. I’m getting better about it because I’m about to have a sandwich with 117 grams of carbs for dinner. A lot of the desserts I used to eat had at least 100 grams of carbs in them like ice cream, cinnamon rolls, and cake. But after taste-testing a few low carb options I am slowly integrating desserts back into my diet.

Hope the SAT goes well for you! I don’t know what the issue was with ap chem. I’d heard the same thing from other kids who have taken it- HARD but rewarding class.

That’s awesome that you can eat 117 carbs and not go haywire! My insulin has a hard time processing more than 100 carbs at a give. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my 130 carb milkshakes!
I’ve kinda figured out a few things for eating high carb sweets, if you have any other tips I’d love to hear them!!
Sometimes I switch the timing of my desserts- for example, if my sister made cinnamon rolls or cookies, I’ll eat them at 3:00 pm when I usually have a snack instead of after dinner or something. Othertimes it comes down to not grabbing the biggest roll in the pan. Sometimes cutting it into smaller bites helps too.
If you like candies maybe you can use them to treat lows?
Another thing to help avoid highs is to eat protein before eating the sweet. Like some pb, jerky, sausage, or deli meat. And giving insulin 10-20 minutes ahead of time makes a difference. Of course, knowing that doesn’t mean that I always eat a piece of Turkey before I eat a cupcake!
I find that two to three layer cakes with frosting aren’t great for my BG, but I can usually handle a single layer with a thin layer of frosting. Most often piling on the whipped cream and fruit or a thin layer of powdered sugar is perfect to get a bit of sweetness.
Oftentimes my mom will pair a lower carb dinner (like soup, a salad and bread, chili…) that’s like 40-50 carbs with a dessert like ice cream or cookies or something. It’s become an unspoken rule that high carb dinners like pasta or mashed potatoes mean no high carb dessert.
“Real” dairy based ice cream isn’t usually that high carb for 2 scoops and since it’s got some protein and fat it doesn’t spike as bad as other foods. Sorbets and gelatos (basically frozen sugar water) are a different story!

If you love to bake, you can try cutting the sugar in cookies/pie/meringue recipes in half or looking for flourless recipes (my mom found a great flourless chocolate cake recipe). Cutting some flour and sugar can help cut the carbs down from 30-40 to like 15-25 per serving. Meringues, some chocolates, popcorn, and sugar free jello/pudding are great desserts that aren’t super high carb.

I’ve sort of accidentally retrained my tastebuds after avoiding candy for a while. Most of it is way too sweet now! I love nibbling on dark chocolate…

Oh and sort of related, but I also just found out that Heinz’s makes a no sugar added ketchup, it tastes the same and it cuts the carbs from 10 to 1 (more room for dessert!). And outshine is making no sugar added popsicles which also cuts out some carbs!

Hi Brooklynn! My name is Makena and I’m 16 as well. I was diagnosed a couple months ago and I currently have the Dexcom g6 and am getting scheduled to get my Omnipod 5 put on. I can’t wait!! While I don’t take any AP classes, I did have to take an eoc a little bit ago and WOAH my blood sugar spiked like crazy! I have anxiety but I’ve never seen it spike that much! Also btw I think one of the reasons I was so anxious is bc I’m an online student and real school environments have always stressed me out to the max! But as soon as I started the test my sugar immediately started to go down at it settled nicely before lunch. I’m on the same boat with you, before I was diagnosed I was a huge fan of everything sweet like cake, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. I’ve really dialed it back ever since my diagnoses and now my sweet stress more consist of dark choco, like Lise said, and sugar free jello with some sugar free whipped cream on top. Which btw is NOT a free food, I usually have to dose around 12 carbs for it. I liked dark choco before diagnosis so that rly wasn’t a hard switch but I want to soon be brave enough to eat the sweet stuff I used to love and just be comfortable with dosing more carbs. I also used to LOVE baking and I’m pretty decent at it but I’ve kinda had a weird relationship with it because I feel like if I can’t eat what I bake (which ik isn’t true) then what’s the point bc what if it doesn’t taste good, I don’t want to serve my friends something that is gross. So overall I hope that together we can be more brave about eating some fun foods every once and while!
Also ik this is long so sry and I hope we can keep talking on here and that y’all have a great day!

I had no idea about the protein before sweets thing, thanks!
I usually give myself insulin about 15-30 minutes before every meal if I can so my blood sugars don’t rise.
I’ll try the candy to treat lows. I’m just worried about my blood sugar spiking if I have it to correct my blood sugar levels.
For high carb desserts like cake I recommend pairing it with dark chocolate or something else that is low carb. Sometimes I get a big slice of cake and will snack on it throughout the week. If that is not enough then I have some pieces of dark chocolate or thin cookies and give myself insulin for it.

Nice to meet you! Let me know how the Omnipod 5 is when you get it.
Being anxious sometimes makes diabetes really hard because sometimes I start to freak out about my blood sugar and it just rises more because of the stress. I’m happy your blood sugar went down when you started the test. It’s really nice to talk to people who also have the same fears surrounding desserts because it is so hard to explain it to people who don’t have diabetes and can’t relate. I like cooking and baking but I haven’t baked anything because I feel like I can’t eat it. I’m getting better by allowing myself higher carb desserts oif my blood sugar was on the lower side throughout the day. I make the Nestle mini chocolate chip cookies and it’s only 28g for four cookies. I can’t wait for the day when I can comfortably have desserts and not feel guilty or regret it!