Want a new pump!

My son is 6 years old and on an animas pump, but there are so many new ones like the omni pod, that Im wondering how often insurance we'll pay for another one. Also, what happens if a pump is lost, stolen, or damaged.......I have no clue

Usually insurance companies will replace the pumps every 4 years as the warranties run out. This may vary from company to company so check with your spacific company for more details.

In terms of if it is lost or stolen since you wear the pump almost 24/7 this shouldn't be an issue. I can't see someone grabbing a pump off of your belt or wherever you place it and then also pull the infusion set out to get the device. In terms of damaged most damage should be covered under the pumps warranty. Check with your homeowners insurance to see if they cover insulin pumps and if not what an insurance rider would cost to cover it. A rider maybe more expensive than the trouble is worth. 

I'm on my second pump right now and my insurance covered it's portion of it.  Like Jonathan said when the warranty runs out that's when you insurance company will pay the full coverage amount.  Mine said it would cover 80% since it was out of warranty, but if it wouldn't have been they were only going to cover 20%.

I'm not sure what would happen if it ever got stolen or lost.  You would probably have to fight with your ins. company to cover it. 

Thanks for the info guys! Im thinking I will check into getting somekind of insurance for my sons pump. We are YMCA members and around a year ago a person had there pump stolen out of their locker, they took it off to swim. Why someone would steal it I dont know. Probably some stupid kids who didnt know what it was. They never found it either, so thats why I worry. I also worry my son might drop his pump in water by accident....Im a worry wart I guess....lol. Thanks again!