Want to get insulin pump

Hello everyone!

So I’ve been using insulin pens ever since I was diagnosed almost three months ago. However, I’m tired of multiple injections and interested in learning more about the pump. I was hesitant at first about having something on my body 24/7 but I just have been reading how great they are for managing your blood sugars. So just asking for some insight, thank you!!

My daughter was diagnosed last April at age 9. We chose to have her start an insulin pump for lots of reasons (no more shots being the biggest reason but also better control). We had no experience with T1D prior to her diagnosis so we had lots to learn and just trusted the pump was the right thing to do for her. I am SO happy we did! The options and freedom it gives her is amazing. She can eat whenever and whatever she wants and does not have to maintain a strict eating schedule. Managing a low blood sugar is much easier. She is a dancer and active kid but likes to sit and play on the computer so we can easily change her basal rate to accommodate the increase or decrease of activity. Her A1c was down from 10 to 8 one month after being on the pump. I know the pumps are a huge investment but I am a huge fan of them and would encourage you to pursue it. We chose the Medtronic that has a CGM that can shut down the pump for low blood sugars. We don’t use it yet but that safety feature is an amazing relief to me as her mom. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the information @ndoellefeld!! I am seeing my endo next week and I am definitely going to talk about getting the pump.

Well I’ve been diabetic for 42 years. I’ve using insulin pump for about the past 15 years. I was on multiple injections and that was fine except they really had to eat at certain times when my insulin was speaking and that really was not so good for me as I travel quite a lot.

If you can afford it through your insurance I would say it’s probably the best way to go. When you have the pump it’s not attached to you at all times you could take it off when you taking a shower or whatever.

More importantly I would probably suggest getting a pump that has a glucose sensor so that you could monitor your blood sugar levels better.

I happen to use Medtronic 530 with an Enlite glucose system.

There are many different pumps out there and various glucose sensors. The real issue is the siding which one you think is best for your lifestyle.

In some cases when I go to the beach I don’t carry my pump at all and I go back to injections as it is easier to not deal with getting into the beach water and having my sensor and infusion sets getting wet and falling off.

If I don’t want to use my pump it’s easier disconnected from the infusion site.

Good luck with your choice!

I was dx’d in 1956, 58 years ago. I started the pump 16 years ago and when I did, my A1c was a touch over 14. It is now 6.7. 'Nuff said :slight_smile:

It’s not about the daily injections so much as it is about the life saving control you get with the pump. Injections are like putting on your underwear every day. Just something that needs to be done, and not a big deal. But the level of control you get that could be lifesaving is what’s the important thing.

I can NOT imagine my life without the pump and CGM. I started with Minimed 508, now using the Medtronics 530G with Enlite.

You won’t be sorry.

I have been on the pump for almost a month now, and it is wonderful! I love the MM530 because of the integrated continuous glucose monitoring you get with the enlite sensor. You get used to having it on you pretty quickly, and as others have said, it is very simple to disconnect for showers, swimming, romance… whatever. :slight_smile:


I am right there with you!!

All very helpful to me as well