Want to Share?

Want to share how you feel about your diabetes with the whole world? I sometimes wish that type 1 diabetes awareness was more common in the world. I recently had an idea that would be so cool! What if a bunch of teens from ages 12-18 told a little of there story and how they feel about different topics of diabetes and compiled them in a book? Like, every chapter could be a different topic- i.e : Chapter One-Friends, Chapter Two-Family, Chapter Three-Parties, Chapter Four-School....etc...so a teen could pick a tpoic to share about and write a little something then send it in to be put in the book, so we would have a ton of teens talking about a ton of topics and then a ton of non-diabetics would read it and see what diabetes is like from a personal experience, and other diabetics everywhere could read it to get advice and stuff! How amazingly awesomely sweetly cool would that be?!?!?! I wonder how one would start a project like that and if a sponser like JDRF or something could fund it? Does anyone else think its a cool idea and does anyone know if theres a way we could do it??

that sounds awesome!!!!!

well my parents started a run ten years ago all the procedes go to jdrf so u could start a like a walk team or something

Sounds like an awesome idea. Reminds me of the chicken soup for the soul books!

I say run with the idea! See where it gets you

What a wonderful idea Becca. Go for it.

Bo and Spike Loy wrote their first book in high school as an english assignment. Now they have two or three books and so does their Mom.  Start to goggle info on publishing books and I bet you can find a way for your idea to happen!  It's a great thought, don't give up!

that would be so so so so AMAZING.  I'm not sure how we could do it, but if anyone figures out how, I will most definitely write some for it.