Wanted to talk and get ideas from td1 teens

Hello all! I am 14 years old. I became TD1 at age 9, I wanted to know how all of you do this. It will be five years in july. I just need help with this.

Hi @KitKat!! I was diagnosed when I was thirteen, I am 14 now. Dealing with diabetes as a teenager is extremely difficult because you have to deal with extra hormones and it can be a rough time without diabetes, but since us awesome broken pancreas teens have extra stuff to deal with, it can be quite stressful. What I’ve found to be helpful is finding a supportive group of friends in high school, and talk about what’s bothering you. Coming on this website is definitely a step in the right direction if that’s what you’re struggling with. This community is SOOOOOOOOOOO nice and supportive and we are all here for you if you feel like talking, venting, complaining, or just asking questions. Feel free to message me any time. :slight_smile:

Hey @KitKat, first thing you should do is keep your head up! We all have good and bad days. I’ve had diabetes my whole life, since I was 1, and its really all I know. Now I’m 16 and in highschool, and its definetley a challenge dealing with diabetes. Just know that you aren’t alone in dealing with this and we all have felt the way you are feeling, life can be a neverending uphill climb. The best thing you can do is staying positive. What I’ve found is that it doesn’t do you any good worrying about what we can’t change, all we can do is be the best we can. If you ever need support please feel free to message me! Stay strong (:

Hello @KitKat, I am 13 years old and i was diagnosed when i was 6 years old so, I have had type one for 7 years. Like others have mentioned it definitely is not a walk in a park. Insulin is a hormone so its making your blood sugars flucuate a lot because of all the other hormones. It is harder as a teen because you want to go off with your friends but my parents will not let me go because of my diabetes. And yes it is annoying but my parents don’t want me to get DKA. I hope that this helped you. Talk to you soon!! :slight_smile: