Wanting to get Pregnant..but terrified



I am new to this forum. I am 27, was diagnosed with Type one at 21. The last 6 years have not been far from ideal. I got married two and 1/2 years ago. We decided the beginning of the year that we were going to start trying to conceive during the summer. Those plans came to a crashing halt when I visited my endo on July 5th. She told me my A1C was 8.9 and that she would NOT recommend me get pregnant until I was at 6. I asked her how long that should take and she said a year! I was devastated. I was planning to stop my BC that month.

I worked hard to make changes in my life over the past few months since then. I wen tot the doctor Mid Septemebr and my A1C went down to 7.8. I also got on the pump after that appointment. I go in again next tuesday to see how this pump has affected my A1C.

I want to get pregnant NOW. Put I am terrified that I my BC will hurt the baby and that I will end up feeling guilty forever if something happens because I didn't wait. I also feel like getting down to a 6 will take me a small eternity. I'm so sad about it. I want a baby so bad not..and to add to it, so many friends are having babies, my family is waiting. They actually think I'm pregnant now because I gained weight after getting my BCs under better control. I'm just frustrated.

How long did it take some of you to get your A1C to tight control?

Has anyone had a healthy baby with an elevated A1C?

What are some tips to getting my A1C down at super speed?

Thanks in advance


Hi Sydney!  I am currently working on lowering mine for the same reasons :) it seems to be taking forever and every time I think it will be lower and it isn't.  I would rec. you read www.sixuntilme.com and the section on pregnancy.  She does such a great job describing her journey!  It is so encouraging.  Good luck!

It sounds like you're doing GREAT already! You lowered it from an 8.9 to a 7.8 in only two months!! GOOD JOB!! It doesn't sound like it'll take long at all to get to a 6. I know the feeling of wanting to get pregnant, but also not wanting the guilt of hurting the baby. My sugars had been good and my husband and I had tried getting pregnant and we just weren't. I started slacking off with my sugars because we weren't getting pregnant and I wanted to eat what I wanted. Finally, after a year we got pregnant. I was super nervous because I hadn't been watching my sugars closely and they weren't perfect when I found out I was pregnant. I went through a stressful period in the beginning where I was worrying that the baby might come out deformed and it would be all my fault. I'm 18 weeks pregnant now, and so far so good. I realized early on that as long as I was doing my best that's all I could do. If my baby did come out with problems, I felt that it wouldn't be my fault. It is my belief that things happen for a reason and if after all I could do, the baby still came out with problems, it was meant to come to me that way. You need to do what you feel comfortable with. Doctors are there to help us make the most educated decisions, but it all comes down to what we feel comfortable and good about. Good Luck!