Wanting to meet some friends

Hey, I am 17 years old. was recently diagnosed with T1D a month ago, I was wondering If I could meet anyone here online preferbly near the Twin Cities because I don’t have any friends in my life who are diabetic and I would like to meet others who are just like me.

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Hi Andrew @pheonixfirebear! Welcome to TypeOneNation! I’m Abby, 17 years old and diagnosed age 7. I’m so glad you found this site–it’s a great place to chat, ask questions, and meet others like us!
I, like many people on here, don’t have any T1D friends in my area, so I’ve created a few awesome group chats for T1D teens from around the world. I’d love to add you to one! Feel free to pm me and we can exchange contact info.

Hi Abby, and Andrew. I’m so glad there is this JDRF forum in existence, for information and for support. I empathize completely with young folks who have diabetes and feel alone with it.
I too was 17 when I was diagnosed with what was called juvenile diabetes back in 1973. We lived in Florida then, and my diabetic dr. was located in an area populated with a lot of retirees. I recall sitting in the waiting room, looking around at all the white haired folks, and feeling so out if place and alone. It wasn’t until my junior year in college that I happened to meet someone my own age, in the cafeteria line. She was not only insulin dependent diabetic, but she also had diabetic leg ulcer scarring (around 3% of us). What a psychological support that brief encounter turned out to be😄! There were others out there like me, and surviving!
Draw strength from this site👍🏻

Hi Andrew @pheonixfirebear
I’m not going to lie… T1D sucks, but it’s completely manageable. Having supports in your life and others who understand what is going on, helps a TON. I have been type one since I was 5 (now I am 20), and I love meeting other diabetics. Let me know if you need anyone to talk to.

Hi Andrew, I’m Gabby. I’m only 13 but I was recently diagnosed in late December 2019 and I know exactly how you feel.

Hello Andrew, I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. I have lived with type 1 diabetes for 74 years and I do not have any serious complications. We can live very long and healthy lives! It is good that you are looking for fellow type 1 people. Finding friends near your own age is best. Maybe you can find some type 1 teens in the area where you live, and meet them face to face. That would be great!

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Hi Andrew. My son was diagnosed at 16. We live in the Twin Cities and he used to go to a monthly get together at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. There were lots of other teens there who would talk about what they were going through. Might be something to look into. Otherwise, he’s now 20 and I’m sure he would be love to chat with you. He’s had the usual ups and downs of T1D but has learned to be self-sufficient as much as he can.

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