Wanting to VBAC- any experiences with this?

So I was induced with my first daughter, only 2 days early, and it ended in a c-section. I am pregnant again (so excited!) and I don't want to have to go through another section. I am seeking doctors who will allow me to attempt a VBAC. I have scheduled an appointment but have not talked to the doctor yet (10 weeks pregnant now).

Has anyone had a successful VBAC? Or anyone who has attempted one unsuccessfully? Advice appreciated.



H Katherine,

Throughout my entire pregnancy, I was scheduled to be a VBAC but, after my induce at 39 weeks wasn't working, I opted for a c-section on my own. It was a very good decision because my son was large. Things don't always go as planned during a diabetic pregnancy as well as non-diabetic, and you have to keep an open mind even when you have something in your head that you want to do. A lot of my friends who have diabetes have had successful VBAC pregnancies. It is definitely something you can do. I will try to get them back into this forum so you can get their insight.

Thanks, Gina!