Warner's "Safe Diabetes Cure", 1880-1920

Although an obvious spammer from the past, Warner gave a good diet for diabetics on the label. (See second picture.)




Cool pic!

I wouldn't last on this diet for a day......well...except for the vegetables part.  I love my veggies.  So, how many diabetics did Warner's cure??  Hahaha!

hahahaha, angela.

pretty cool photo, though. thanks for sharing, richard.

I wonder if there are any acai berries in that stuff??;) 

Someone keeps spamming the JDRF Facebook page with nonsense about acai berries curing diabetes. 



What gets me is that there is part of the diabetes diet on the label that says diabetics should not eat anything that turns into sugar. That was 1880! I was diagnosed in 1945 and no doctor ever told me I should avoid anything but sugar itself. I did not know until 1988 that I should follow a low carb diet and that carbs of all types turned into sugar. It really irritates me that I went all those years with high sugar and did not know that it was the high carb foods that were causing it. If Warner knew that in 1880, why didn't my doctors know in 1945 and beyond?