Warning! Mom venting!

My 10 year old Olivia was dx on 4/4/11. To date, I know of only one breakdown of her being upset by her new life changing diagnosis. Me on the other hand…not nearly as strong. Quite frankly, I am pissed off!! I have to watch my daughter mature way too quickly. She is so diligent about checking her blood and watching what and when she eats. She has had to give up a normal childhood and endure the insensitive comments of the ignorant and uneducated, yet she always has a smile on her face and never complains. She even comforts me on the occasions that I am not able to hide the tears from her. To all of the T1 children…you are truly my Heros!!!

Oh boy do I hear you!! My 12 year old son Sam was dx'd on 5/19/11. He has been such a trooper since his dx...until last night. *sigh*  We went to a BBQ, and as soon as it came time for his sugar check and it was revealed that he had diabetes, these 2 guys started in with horror stories about their respective mothers...this one's mother lost a leg and half of her foot, that one's mother just lost 3 toes 2 weeks ago, etc. etc. And they're admonishing him "You don't want that to happen to you, right?" OMG!! So we get home and bedtime he has a total breakdown. SOBBING!  Asked me if I thought he could handle this. I told him he IS handling this, and handling it VERY WELL! (Far better than me..I've been walking around on the verge of tears most days) He says "But...do you think that could happen to me? Could I lose a leg?" I was so furious at those men! I'm sure they meant well, but they terrified him! We had to reassure him that those people were Type 2's who didn't manage their disease for years, and that he WAS managing it and would continue to manage it. Poor kid!

My daughter was dx at age three, so this is the only life she knows. That was terrible that those men told him that! People are so stupid! My daughter has had T1  for over four years now, and I have had some people tell me some pretty crazy things, and ask crazy questions, but to tell all of those horror stories to a kid is crazy!

oh mamma! I am so there with all of you...If I hear one more drug add that says something about diabetes in it....my 12 yrd hears all that mess as well...someone told her that it will take 20 years off her life! I also tried to tell her that was if she didn't manage it well, but she is at the "I don't want to" stage after 4 years of dealing with it. But nothing beats the nurse at the hospital telling me it would be okay, she will live well into her 50's or 60's! WTH! Hugs to all of you from me...

Hey Eisey-

Your daughter is still going to have a normal childhood, it's just a new normal.  

I wouldn't wish diabetes on anyone, however I know that it's helped me be the person I am.  I am independent, a quick problem solver, and good at sharing information after decades of trying to help misinformed people understand diabetes better.  Plus I can divide any number by 12 (my carb ratio)!

Your daughter is going to have a good life.  I attended college, have a good marriage and a wonderful non-diabetic son.  

Take care and know that what you are feelings are completely normal.  


P.S. I've posted this a bunch, buy you'll all be able to appreciate this youtube clip about the diabetes police.  Be warned that it has foul language and is for mature audiences.


Well said!  My 7 year old son was diagnosed three weeks ago and is my hero.   I can't believe how well he is handling it!  We haven't heard any insensitive or rude comments but I do find that people talk about it like it's a death sentence.  That I don't like!  I chalk all of it up to uneducated!

My girl was diagnosed in May 2010. I heard a lot of those horror stories in the first few months too. Everyone with type 2 relatives told me about their dead uncles. I don't know how I made it through the first year. One of my kids went through major depression after hearing all the bad stuff that "will" happen to his little sister. Everyone is managing much better now. My girl just handles it. The brother is better too.