Warranty up in two years

So my warranty is up in two years and I want to switch from MM to Animas. IF you've done this already what do you like about the Animas? I might even look into the OmniPod. The downfall is that I was told by the nurse of my Endo that the Endo likes MM over Animas. But, it's my illness and I want to do something for my comfort. How much is the Animas? I know insurance will have to be calculated into that but roughly how much am I looking at for supplies a month? What comes in the start up kit, also, does the Dexcom 7+ come with it? I've been having horrible lows lately and I need a CGM right now, but can't afford it. Still on my mother's insurance and as soon as I'm on my own and can pay for things I'm switching. I will use the two year warranty and give myself two years to save for supplies.


To give an example I'm anywhere between 30s and 500s. I've tried to keep myself nowhere above 150. Some days I check 30 times a day because I'm so afraid as to what my blood sugars are doing! This is what my day was yesterday.


BGS: [In order from beginning to the end of the day]

5:33 - 123

[Between this time I felt no drop, but had a box of juice anyways.]

6:48 - 71

[Treated with two more boxes of juice just to be safe.]

8:01 - 144

[60 carbs. I had Morning Star Farms Sausage Links, and Blue Berry Waffles, plus SF Syrup.]

9:28 - 35

[WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST!? I had two boxes of juice, Grape [EW as I gagged on them!!!] glucose tabs.]

9:31 - 42

[MORE glucose tabs..]

9:35 - 39

[MORE JUICE, then fell asleep.. Low blood sugars I'll wake up to, but after a few minutes I'm sound asleep.]

9:51 - 102

[Great!!! Loved this...]

2:29 - 245


3:29 - 174

[Lunch BG, 11.6 units]

4:48 - 73

[Woopsie... More Juice.]

6:17 - 70

[Some more juice..]

6:53 - 68

[Nasty grape glucose tabs, downed them with water to go faster.]

8:13 - 70

[Dinner, 25 carbs, 2.1 units. ]

8:47 - 76

[Oh gee, only by 6 points?!]

9:47 - 95
11:25 - 140


I had been on a 24 hour temp basal for a week and I was perfectly fine, but when the temp basal ended I was in the 500s. When I go swimming my bgs get higher. Another reason I hope for a CGMS is because on the fourth of the month I experience my first "Your blood sugar is too law to even read the meter." the first in nearly 12 years. I've had a 23 before, but this "LOW" just scared the crap out of me and I wasn't near home, I was at Water Aerobics for school, if I'd passed out no one would have known what to do to treat me.

I'm considering the Animas Ping, although I haven't started pumping yet. I'm pretty sure the CGM doesn't come with the pump and when I went to my pump class, the diabetes educator said that insurance companies don't cover the CGM, I think a couple hundred dollars a month, unless you're had a blood sugar so low that you passed out. The thing is, if you pass out from a low, you can get your license taken away in some states, like the state I live in, for example.

Wow that sucks they'd take away license... We can't help low blood sugars. No, the lows I've ever been that I know of is 23, the other one didn't read the meter it just said "LOW GLUCOSE" I was actually in a swimming pool when that one happened.