Warrior Dash

I am signing up with a group of guys from work to do the Warrior Dash this year. Anyone else done this? Just looking for any suggestions on what to expect, etc. Thanks.

Hey Jason!

I've never done the Warrior Dash yet, but i've done a lot of the other mud runs... warrior dash is one of the fun ones im pretty sure! haha but they're all pretty intense!! i cant wait to start up again next season! :) What I always did was carb load the night before and the morning of... check my BG pretty often up until the race to make sure my sugar would be stabilized. I've had some low's before a race, so i try to keep something on me... like gu gels or something. Id take one 45 mins before the race, then one at the beginning of the race... then usually just need water while you run at the water points. OTher than that just have some fun!

I will tell you about another product that's gonna hit the market first of the year... it's great for athletes and diabetics for hypoglycemic rescue and races. I cant say too much, but i'll keep you posted on here and on www.JMIAH.com but imagine this... easy to disolve, 15gms of carbs combined with 3 gms of protein to stabilize your blood glucose levels. Just flat out AWESOME!! so stay tuned :)

Have fun with your race and keep us all posted on Juv!

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Thanks for all of the information, I appreciate it.