Hi everyone. Abbi is feeling a bit better we are just a little over a month in we had a few lows which were scary. Docs a little worried she doesn't feel any different when she's low but she said some people are like that. Well here's my new problem within the past few months her hands are getting warts. I'm not talking little bitty ones i'm saying look at the average womans thumb nail trimmed and thats their size. We have tried freezing and I was going to try the regular compound w but theres a warning on the back not to use on diabetics. Anyone know why? We have talked to the doctor and she never said anything she said try over the counter things and home remedies like potatoes(they have salasydic acid in them) or duct tape. We would just let them be to go away on there own but with the finger picking people notice. Adults who in my opinion should know better and other children her own age keep saying ewwwww to her. It makes her sad and I just want to help her. Having them cut ,burnt, or froze by a dermatolagist is the last resort. They said we could cause scaring and with how large they are the scars would be big plus i'm worried about testing. The warts are starting to grow over the sides of her fingers. I don't want her spreading them but she refuses to test on her palm or forearm. Any help would be appreciated.

use the wart removal stuff. i think the consern is that it might affect blood sugars.

When I was younger about 9 or 10, I went through a similar situation. Mine were on my hands and feet, they varied in size too. I was able to treat some of mine with compound W without any harsh side effects. I did have to get some cut off by a dermotolgist with very minimal scarring from the removal. Then I had to have a tumor removed from my left ankle, so they removed the one on the bottom of my foot at the same time, I do not have a scar there.  If you end up going and having them cut out, there are ointments like maderma that can help minimize scars.

Good Luck.

I just noticed this post from last week. I'm glad you two are doing somewhat better!

I've never heard of a problem w/ the over the counter stuff and diabetes. I had a wart on my hand once when I was 10 or 12...

Good luck -- that sounds like and annoying problem and embarrassing for a kid! When I was little, I was always mad if I had something embarrassing going on b/c I felt like my plate was already full with the D-thing. (:

when I was little I had warts on my hands also. My mom tried every over the counter remedy out there and nothing worked I finally had to go to the dr and have them burned off. But on a side note I did hear of a remedy that my mom never tried. I was told that if you paint the wart with nail polish and wrap it up for a few days it will fall off. I know it sounds wierd but I saw it on that tv show "the doctors". it worth a try.