Was Banting The First To Discover Insulin?

Was Banting really the first to discover insulin??? Read this this article about Nicolae C. Paulescu (1869–1931).


Mr. Vaughn,

While this sites interpretation is interesting it is also possible that Paulescu lost some ground due to his antisemitic and anti-Masonic views.  Views he openly touted in articles like, The Judeo-Masonic Plot Against the Romanian Nation.  In a pamphlet he wrote for one of his associates, A. C. Cuza, he called for the extermination of the Jews: 

Paulescu was an associate of A. C. Cuza, and wrote extensively for the latter's newspaper Apararea Nationala. In one of his pamphlets, he called for the extermination of Jews.  Further he held that the Talmud was a device for destroying nations and that alcohol was a tool used by the Jews to weaken the Romanian people.  In one of his books he asked, "Can we perhaps exterminate them [the Jews] in the ways bedbugs are killed?” His answer: “That would be the simplest, easiest and fastest way to get rid of them.”

It is interesting history and worth review, though I believe the site you’ve posted loses credibility on the issue of why this candidate may not have been an ideal subject for a peace prize.



*Citation: Flower of Evil? by Theodore Dalrymple

A - D, thanks for posting this! I had no idea that was in his background. It makes more sense now.


Don't misunderstand me, I think one can make a solid argument that he should be recognized as the discoverer of insulin - but I think a fair discussion requires disclosing Paulescu's interest in genocide and his political activism.


I understand you A-D, and I think he may have been overlooked for his strange and unforgivable beliefs. I know people who have similar beliefs, and I am disgusted with them.