Wasting insulin

I once read a few people say that they never waste insulin. I can't figure out how to do that when I change cartridges. There is always 10 or so units left.

If I try to let her insulin get lower than that it seems she gets high glucose. Do the people that not waste insulin keep using the same cartridge and add more insulin to th sold insulin? That doesn't seem like a safe idea to me. DO they just run down to zero units?


Terry, there are time that i have put insulin in the odd one and times that I have just ran to zero. sometimes my mom will have me take the old one and put the insulin in the new one. it works too.

I do shots and I drain every last drop out of the vial even if it's past the 28 days or whatever it is.  If my BS starts to not be so good with too many highs I'll dump what remaining in the Lantus vial and start a new one.

you'll always waste a little especially with a pump.  I say "I don't LIKE to waste insulin" but I waste a little here and there with cartridge (reservior) changes and priming, etc.  no worries.

I take my pump to 0 units every time.  Ideally I'm able to change the infusion set when it's empty, but if it's scheduled to run out when I'm at work or class then I use the pump for basal and will take a shot to cover my lunch basal or just eat low carb (chef salad) so I don't need to use much insulin.  

This works for me, but do what works for you.  The world won't end if you throw a few units of insulin away.  

Also, I have gotten myself into trouble living so close to the edge.  On a day trip my car's transmission went out 300 miles from home.  Took several days to fix and for the last 24 hours I was taking humalog injections and eating only low carb.  I've learned to always take extra infusion sets on a road trip and also when weather is bad, in case I get stuck at work (I live 40 miles away and this area is prone to ice storms).  

I too do not like to waste any precious insulin, but it is unavoidable, so I just accept it. Having lived most all of my life coping with good insulin/supplies management.Maybe not so good. Reseviors are changed when I sense the rubber gasket may be getting brittle. I almost always run down to zero, and either refill, or start a new resvior. The biggest waste has to be when priming, or changing sets. I prefer the long tubing, so there must be close to 17 units remaining when a set change occurs. I really strive for serenity on a daily basis, so have been accepting this for at least 4.5 decades. Have a great day everyone :-)