Wat do You Think of Camp Sweeney?

I went to Camp Sweeney over the summer and was wondering if anyone here went. It was awsome, tell me wat u thought about it and wat sessions were the funnest and stuff like tht!!

i LOVE Sweeney.  I went there for 11 years, for three years to two sessions, and it changed my life.  Ernie Fernandez is my hero :) i love that place and the people there, and im hoping to go back as a counselor in 2009.  i went to both 1st and 2nd session, but never got the chance to go to 3rd session, although i've heard good things about it.  i think 2nd is my favorite, simply because it is the one i started out going to and is more laidback than 1st, although 1st is still freaking awesome. 

oh geesh!!

it was amazing. i meet the best people thier. the counslers rock too! EXCPECIALLY BETSY IN THE LEONARD CABIN.

i love betsy!  she's awesome.  what session did you go to?

I went to 3rd session. hey, is Betsy a counsler?

Love her.

Camp Sweeney is the best camp on the face of this planet! it has helped me soooo much in the whole identification process with diabetes and what not. if i were to have kids with diabetes that would be one of the places i would want them to experience before they get too old!


:P GO ALPHAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yay Sweeney!

I can't even begin to tell what i think of camp sweeney....there are no words to express it. It is a camp that you have to experience. I started going the summer of '96 and went all the way through the summer of '03.  The people at camp are amazing! Like i said my last summer was in '03 and i still keep in touch with people from camp. The activities are great-from fishing to sand volleyball and even riflery. There is always something to do at camp and never a dull moment. But the most important thing that i have taken from my experience at camp is that you can have diabetes and still live a normal life! And for that I thank camp sweeney.

camps the best, third session is by far the most fun though. im looking to get some of the other campers from facebook and myspace to join here. especially since i know some of them who are going to college and might need support. i've been camper from 02' to beyond. we even added skeet shooting this year, and have had the incredigreat zip-line to boot. i hope i can meet ya'll there at camp and have some great times.