Water flavorings

My daughter is 14 months old and been diagnosed with type one a little bit over a month now. We are trying to find other ways to flavor her water rather than using crystal light or other flavoring that has aspartame in it. I made her some lemon water but she doesn’t drink it well, and I know it’s very important for her to drink all the time. But I dont know all the different kinds of fruits that I can use for diabetics rather than lemons. We are just will concerned about the aspartame . Any suggestions about other ways to put flavor in her water . Thank you so much.

You could try the True Lemon/Lime line of drink flavorings. It uses stevia leaf extract and just the tiniest amount of cane sugar (so little that it shouldn’t affect her BGs unless she drinks gallons and gallons of it in a short amount of time). After nearly 15 years of diabetes, I’ve become intolerant to artificial sweeteners; they cause me severe bloating. The True Lemon/Lime has never bothered me at all.

@HeavenlyFaith hi Leah, it does not shock me that your baby doesn’t like citrus… it can taste like battery acid to them.

can I make a suggestion and I am not being to trying to be smart… plain water is fine. don’t force it… she will drink what she needs. excess water flushes out certain nutrients, and makes your kidneys work harder for no reason.

if she has very high blood sugar, her kidneys will dump water in a futile attempt to drop blood sugar… she’ll get dehydrated and drink more. it kind of fixes itself if you ask me.

good luck.

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We had the same problems with artificial sweeteners, used them excessively at the beginning but found that it gave our son (2 years old at the time) a stomachache. So what I decided to do is to dilute real juice with water by half and included the reduced sugar juice in the carb count for the meal. For in between meals we stuck with water or found the La Croix naturally flavored waters better, my son really likes the tangerine.

My daughter is now 2 diagnosed at 9 months it’s a struggle to find things she likes that dosen’t drive her blood sugar crazy…but I do make her cucumber water she really seams to like it alot…

I’d love to hear how you make cucumber water :slight_smile:thanks

What about Vitaminwater Zero, which has lots of nutrition but zero carb. There are different flavor choices. You can get them from Costco. Another suggestion is to let daughter choose a fruit and make a fruit water. What we did is to put one slice of fruit in a bottle of water. No need to worry about the carb because it is just one piece of fruit and your daughter may just drink the water. I hope this helps.

Mio doesnt hasn’t Aspartame

I second Mio! :smiley:

I’m late to the party here, but I have a different sort of suggestion. I’m 75 (diagnosed T1D at age 72), so I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum. However, I don’t much like plain water, especially with meals. I recently bought a Sodastream water carbonator, partly to substitute fizzy water for my already-down-to-once-a-day diet soda with lunch. I’ve found it really easy to motivate myself to drink plenty of water if it’s carbonated, and without any sweeteners or flavoring.


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I should have added that Sodastream also sells flavoring for use with their carbonated water. Whether you go for the carbonation or not, this might be helpful. It’s highly concentrated, comes in small bottles of various flavors, and has no calories or carbs. I see this stuff at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I use a website called cirkul they have a starter pack for I think $15 with a water bottle and a few flavor cartridges and then you can either buy or set up a monthly subscription where they send you flavor cartridges they have a bunch of flavors and different types some for better hydration some for energy and whatnot but since I started using it I’ve drank more water (I needed to) and it tastes great I don’t know about for that young of a child though the bottle might be a little heavy but there’s no sugar or carbs

Go to Pintrest and search for infused water. You’ll find hundreds of fun things to try. I have 4 T, different colored Takeya, infusion/ and ice containers. Usually keep 2 in refrigerator. Might have water. Might have tea. Besides the fun flavors you can make with water, check out the flavors tea has. Peach, vanilla cinnamon, hibiscus, etc, etc. I just put 4 bags in my Takeya and let it sit overnight. I broke myself of all sweeteners. Read too many articles on all of the negatives. I could never ever drink plain water before. Bought crystal light in bulk. At first I also bought the liquid flavored kinds of steevea you can find on Amazon…they even had chocolate, and raspberry…after a while I weened myself off and don’t miss the sweet. Good luck.