Water Parks

The question is, how do you all do it? My best friend really wants to go to Water Country USA (affiliated with the Williamsburg Busch Gardens) for her birthday in June, and I do too but.. I'm on an insulin pump. It's the Medtronic Minimed one, which is only "water resistant". I haven't been to a water park since I was diagnosed over 5 years ago. And I'd really like for my mom to stay home instead of "chaperone" my pump the entire time. I mean, come on... I'm almost 19...

Can it be done? Any suggestions?

Thanks guys.

Be honest with you, I've always need my pump "babysat."  I have the cozmo, which is waterproof--no longer being made, so I have to upgrade this year---but my site would always come loose and come off.  Tried everything.  Isn't the minimed water resistant to a certain depth?  My brother has one and he's in the lake with it, not scuba diving or anything, but swimming.  I also have waterproof bags that I bought at a camping supply store that I use for when I go canoeing--they float so if my pump was to come off if I get dumped in the water then I have a better chance of getting it back.  Good luck.

Well, according to minimed, " While MiniMed Paradigm® insulin pumps are water-resistant and designed to protect against splashes and occasional dunking, Medtronic Diabetes recommends that no insulin pump be intentionally submerged in water.

so I'm definitely not going to wear it in a water park.

Sites aren't an issue because I just use Tegaderm and tack down the adhesive that way.

Does anyone know of any specially made insulin pump waterproof cases? I saw something about a "seal" bag but can't find anything like it on the Minimed website.

I think the easiest way to go to the water park without needing your mom would be to just buy a locker when you get there (which you would probably do anyways) and just put your pump and supplies all in there. Walking around, climbing stairs and swimming in the hot sun will probably be enough to keep your blood sugar pretty good. Just make sure you go back to your locker every hour or so to check your blood and correct as necessary.

The easiest thing for me since I don't find it a hassle to switch is to go on shots for a day and take a shot of lantus for 24 hours.  I'd rather not deal with worrying about keeping the pump site in.  That'd also eliminate any worry about missing your basals.  Bring an insulin pen or syringes and vial with you.

But if that's absolutely not doable then use a locker like mentioned above and just leave the pump in there.

I've seen the waterproof bags/cases but never used them b/c they were too bulky and looked dumb.  I'd constantly have to readjust it the way they were designed.

I guess a locker would be easiest. I checked Water Country USA's website and according to this map http://www.watercountryusa.com/Wc/Explore/ParkMap.aspx I think the small purple symbols are locks... which are located in 3 different places throughout the park. I'm pretty sure I'd be good but I'm going to contact them anyway to make sure about locker availability (and see how much it costs-- not that you could put a price on an insulin pump! haha)

Ideen, I appreciate the idea about shots, but I absolutely hate them (it's enough trouble to get my site in every 3 days without freaking out) so I'm going to stick to pumping. Also if (what am I saying, WHEN) me and my friends want to eat I can do so more easily than I would if I were on shots.

Thanks guys! The suggestions are much appreciated as always. 


A company called Aquapac makes a waterproof pump case.  I've never used it, but I remember hearing some others in the DOC talk about it.  You can read a pretty detailed review with pictures here: http://www.diabetesdaily.com/knicks/2009/05/i-wanted-to-tell-you.php   Coincidentally, the woman who wrote the review used the Aquapac at a waterpark and loved it.  They're unfortunately a little expensive ($50-$60) from what I've seen, but it honestly might be your best bet.  After all, you don't want to let a high blood sugar ruin your fun at the park.  Also, be sure to check out the comments section.  Someone mentioned that the case looked pretty huge (which I was thinking too) and the original poster responded saying the pictures made it look a little bigger and that she had no problem wearing it with a bathing suit.


You could also contact the first aid station there. SOme theme parks (like Disney) will keep insulin, etc. refridgerated for you. Otherwise go with the locker.

I also might take an extra meter with you that you keep with you (or with your towel, flipflops). THen you can check your BG whenever needed, and only have to go back to the locker to get your pump if you are actually eating or need a correction. I'd take a meter I wouldn't care if it got lost or stolen and keep it in a ziploc with some glucose tabs. Then have your regular meter in the locker with your pump so that you will for sure have one if something happened to it.

Thanks for the info, Molly! Looks like a pretty neat product. I'll have to consider the price as compared to how much I'd use it, but definitely something to consider!

JDVs mom--

Wow, yeah, why didn't I think about that? I'm sure they could keep my pump refrigerated for me while I'm out and about... also the idea about only carrying a spare meter is great!! That way I can have more freedom and just leave it with my towel and snacks.

Thanks so much everyone!! So glad y'all are here to help.

...so i worked at a water park in orlando years ago (i had a pump at the time, but i worked in ticketing, so i never needed to do this), but we did have a nurses station for guests who were injured and i was told that i could always store my insulin there if needed.  You might be able to have your mom call ahead of time and work something out so that they keep your pump in their nurses office while you are out and about.  Not sure about any liability issues with them holding onto your equip (i worked at the park years ago...things may have changed since then), but you can always ask....seems like the best alternative.  Just don't forget it when you head home.  :)




Cap your site and take your pump with but also bring shots.  Evey 2 hours test and take a shot or a bolus you will be fine I swin Kayak and canoe for long periods of time I go all day with out my pump and I am fine.  The key is to not go to long with out a bolus to make up for the missed insulin.  You will be exercising so you wont be getting out of hand quickly

I live in Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Dells is the "Unofficial Water Park Capital of the World!". . . not to brag, lol. Anyways, water park trips are a huge part of our summer and always have been. I use a water proof case that is normally used for money. I have a bigger square one that I can put my minimed pump in as long as i take the clip off. I can also fit a fruit snack in there with it as long as I get the air out of the bag, and normally some money. They sell them at all the water parks around here. Here is an example of what it might look like, and their pretty cheap most of the time. I don't think I've ever paid as much as this link says for one.  compare.ebay.com/.../170505439782 Then I just wear it around my neck, I've only had one lifeguard ever mention it wasn't allowed on a ride, but for one or two rides you could always go in shifts. I put my meter and extra food in the locker. Oh, and if you go in a hot tub put it beside you outside of the water, you don't want insulin to overheat. Since it is right there with me I can bolus for an impromptu snack, or give a bolus for missed insulin.