Waterproof cases

Hi all!
I was wondering if there were any waterproof cases for the  MM Paradigm 522 pump. I cant find any and i need one for a trip to disneyland!

the pump is resistant to splashes so I wouldn't worry about it at all unless you are actually going swimming (underwater).  If you plan on being underwater just disconnect the pump.  I don't think you are going to find a bona-fide "waterproof" case, worthy of a guarantee to completely protect your pump so even if you had a case it's just the same as taking your pump in the water with you.

ps, my minimed pump has been completely under water both accidentally and on purpose many, many times.  they are plenty waterproof, but the company can't make that claim.  have fun at disney.


See my posts on the thread Waterproof SportGuard for Minimed Paradigm pump:  juvenation.org/.../73165.aspx

This case is completely waterproof as I have used it in a pool too.  I dove down to 6' with it and not one drop of water got in.  I do, however, recommend using the Vaseline as the instructions say to for the hole the tubing goes into.