Waterproof cover for infusion sets

Hi everyone,

My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed a year ago and went on the Medtronic pump in October. She swims almost daily in the summer and I was wondering if any of you would share your experience with waterproof products to cover her sites while she swims. I know she needs them because the one time we did not use one her site came off :frowning: I appreciate your help.

My personal experience - using the Mio is that when I swimm or get in a hot tub the infusion set is gone. When i go to the beach I use needles (lantus and Rapid acting) — I have not found andthing to protect the site and glue from coming off.

Looking forward to others response!


I’ve never had an issue with a site coming off while swimming and I’ve been pumping for 14 years. Although I recently stopped, I used to use IV Prep wipes before inserting my sites to help them stick–maybe that will help. Maybe once you disconnect the pump you can cover the site with IV3000 tape or something similar?

Thank you both for sharing your experiences. I think we have tried some IV site covers that were given to us by her dr so I have no idea who made them. They worked ok. I have heard people mention tegaderm also. I was curious if one was better than the other. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Medtronic has a variety of adhesives and adhesive removers. They sent me samples when I told them I was having trouble. Similar to KSmerk12, I’ve had luck with the IV Prep wipes and IV3000 tape. I was hesitant to try the tegaderm or glue-like stuff they sent me. Putting the site under the bathing suit or boardshorts helped as well. If you use arms I’m sure there’s a sleeve or rashguard that would cover it.