We are getting our first pump!

An absolute miracle...our insurance is paying for Zach's One Touch Ping! We met our deductible for the year with our DKA ICU stay, so we were hoping the endo would sign off on the paperwork and file in time. AND THEY DID!! We were stressing about pooling the funds together for the $6,000 price tag, but now we can breath a little easier! Zach's pump comes on Tuesday....it is like Christmas in November for us!

Congratulations!  Pumps are life changing and will give your son so much flexibility.  Learning about the pump seems overwhelming at first, but just know that you'll get the hang of it quickly.  Get John Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin" if you don't already have it.  Great resource.

Congrats. Pumping is a wonderful thing. The part I liked the best was 1 shot every 3 days, instead of multiple shots per day. It's a lot of work, but well worth it.


IT CAME! IT CAME! wow...this is a million more things to learn!