We are starting on this pump soon

What has everyone's experiences been with this pump? My son is 3 and was diagnosed in May, I'm so nervous about switching him to a pump. Thanks

Everyone is nervous before starting a pump.  There is a learning curve and you feel weird at first, but it quickly becomes part of the normal routine.  The scariest for me was doing the first site change on my own, but I just did it and over time it became easier.  

If your child isn't an easy going compliant child (and most 3 year olds aren't), you might consider doing site changes when he's asleep.  Most kids do better once they're 4 and 5.  There can be slight pain when the site first goes in but it's usually gone in a few seconds.  I usually run my fingers lightly around that area and it defers the pain.  If your son says it hurts an hour or more later you might have hit a bad spot and should consider moving the site. 

What type of pump are you getting?  There's a good book called "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh that I really recommend.

I was diagnosed at 4 and did shots for 25 years.  I've been pumping for the last 10 and would never willingly go back to shots.  Pumps allow you to eat normally, skip meals, have fewer lows, and easily correct highs.  They are life changing.  

Take care and let us know how your son does.


Thanks Jenna, he's actually pretty compliant, just praying he stays that way, LOL! He was doing great with his shots but now he fights me tooth and nail, it's so hard! Hard for me too when he's moving all over the place, he absolutely hates his shots. We were dead set on the Omni Pod until we took a pump class at the Hospital this past weekend, I think we are going with the Animas Ping, the rep is coming out Monday. I think there are more advantages to the ping than there are with the Pod. Right now we are dealing with his 1st bouts of illness since diagnosis, he has a terrible cold and I can't keep him out of the high 2 and 3 hundreds, Ugh! I am so glad I found this site, now to find other type1 parents in my area. Have a good day :)


I've been diabetic for 15 years and was doing multiple daily injections until this past February when I started on the Ping. I haven't even been on it a year and I'm really liking it. Once you decide on a pump, a certified diabetes educator will help you and your son get acclimated, learn all of the features, and set it up so that it's tailor-made for your son. A nice feature of the Ping the is remote meter access. So you can plop your son down at the table and he can start eating while you take care of bolusing for the meal from the meter remote. He won't even know he's getting his insulin! If you have any questions as you're first getting started, swing by here and we're happy to help!


The ping is a great choice for a child.  I'm just over 5 ft. tall and felt like the Omnipod was too big when I tried a demo.  

The ping has tubing, but usually it will stay tucked in a pocket.  When I first got my pump I tried special slings and holders, but didn't end up using any of them.  Some parents get little backpacks or carriers for the pump.  Experiment and see what works for you.

By compliant I meant able to sit still and take direction (it takes a couple minutes to complete a pump site change).  All kids are different, but I noticed a real learning curve in my son when he got a little older.  He doesn't have diabetes, but he has worn glasses since he was 3.  When he was that young it was a struggle to try glasses on and get him to wear them.  But around 4 he matured a little and could be reasoned with.

Sick days are hard.  Just trust your doctor's advice and it will be fine.  If your son is able to keep liquids down make sure to have him drink lots of water to flush glucose and keytones.  

I hated my shots when I was little too (I was diagnosed at 14mo.), that's actually why I begged my dad to let me go on a pump! lol. I was 10 when I finally got mine but I wanted one when i was only 7, but they didn't put little kids on pumps when i was little and 10 was actually 2 years earlier than the doctor (and therefore my dad) originally wanted. Just think of it this way, even if he still fights, it's only once every 3 days and they have infusion sets that come in their own injectors and in different colors. I love the meter remote and that you can download the blood sugars from the pump to your computer and put fun songs on the pump for alarms instead of just beeping. I thought the omnipod was just too big, but i know some people love it. Good Luck!

My son started on this pump when he was 2 1/2 years old after 11 months of the shots. We actually get a script for Lidocain Numbing Cream and he doesn't feel a thing! We leave it on the spot for an hour covered by an IV3000. If it's a belly site we leave it on for 2 hours to make sure it's good and numb. He is 5 now and has absolutely no problems at all with it! Definitely ask for IV3000 though because they have been lifesavers when it comes to sweaty active little boys wearing pump sites. I put 1 on over top of his site to help it stay in. Good Luck and with Bryan my son it was a huge positive step in the right direction putting him on the Ping pump. He can be more of a "normal" small child and not have to be stopped to get a shot that pinches in his arm or leg or belly or anywhere for that matter! :)


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