We have a month?

Apparently, November is nation Diabetes Awareness month. Wow! I’ve never had a “month” before. At least not one I knew about. Pretty exciting stuff!
In honor of our month, I will be doing the JDRF Walk in Anaheim this weekend. I hear anyone with T1D scores a free bandana for attending!

Dragging my wife and dog along, also. and hopefully, more than a few neighbors/friends as well.

Walking for a great cause? Good.
Getting neighbors and friends involved and educated? Good.
Chance to look like an aging rock star? Excellent.


What a great attitude! I hope you enjoy the Walk. As a kid I I though they were the only good thing about having diabetes. More of my friends and family came to those than to my birthday parties and my parents would always host a big cookout afterwards.

We participate in the San Diego walk every year for our 5 year old T1 daughter! You may even get more free stuff than just a banana. All the sponsors like to give away free swag. Enjoy! You deserve to be recognized :slightly_smiling_face:

The OneWalk for a cure is a great place to meet other people living with diabetes and those helping family and friends.

In recent years I haven’t done the walk, but rather I’ve volunteered lending assistance for the event; it takes many people behind-the-scenes doing stuff like setting up, handing out water, ensuring safety and cleaning up afterwards - this past walk day my “mileage tracker” told me that I had walked eight times the length of the walk between 6 AM and noon.

You can find a walk near you through your local JDRF Chapter and by clicking on the “Events” tab at the top of this page and selecting “JDRF Near you”.

While you are on that site, see if you can find a TypeOneNation Summit to attend. These free events provide really wonderful speakers and workshops - and an opportunity to meet people like yourself.