We just reached 4800 members!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to tell you all that we currently have 4800 members on Juvenation! Almost to our 5000 member goal! Wow!

I want to urge you all to tell all of your friends and family to join so that they can receive a May issue of JDRF Countdown e-magazine at the end of the month.

And don't forget the member that gets the most members to join juvenation from now until June 15 has the chance to win a Track3 Electronic Carb Counting device donated by one of our members DAR. For contest details click here.

Thank you everyone for all your support on juvenation.org!



Ha ha, think we'll ever reach a million? :)

Who knowS!

I hope there aren't 1 million diabetics to join:(

Unfortunately, I bet there are...





Remember this site is not only for those with Diabetes but also those who are affected.... Friends, Familys, or anyone affected by Diabetes. So unfortunately, there are 1 million people out there affected by this. Hopefully we can reach as many as we can.

Hello Gina,Is there a video anywher-youtube? showing how this works?

Gina,I forgot to mention track3 Electronic carb counting device. I wanted to know if I could see how this works. Is  there anything on youtube? Do many people use this?