Weak Signal, & Lost Sensor

I work in a hospital, and I've noticed that relatively frequently when I'm at work my CGMS has trouble connecting with the pump.  I get both weak signals and lost sensors even when they're both in the same place (I clip the pump on my waistband right by the sensor even though the pump infusion site is on the other side). 

I have also noticed upon visiting a super high-tech hospital that I was unable to get the CGMS to connect with the pump at all.  I was there 3-4 different days during one week back in July, and the CGMS wouldn't work the ENTIRE time I was there.  It worked before and after those hospital visits without doing anything differently.

I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed particular places (eg. hospitals) where their CGMS and pump didn't want to communicate?  And what did you do about it?

Any tips are welcomed, thanks peeps!

Wow! that is so interesting. You should call up your CGM company to find out about that. I haven't heard anyone else having this sort of problem but, if I were you I would definitely find out.

In my line of work I have made many hospital visits and calls and never run into weak signal issues with my pump/cgms. But I have to agree with Gina and call the company and see if it is what you are doing that sets it off or maybe a faulty transmitter. Granted it might be hard to get them to admit something on their end.