Weakness and Tired

Hi again,

So… I’m starting to get back into my routine of Hot Yoga and weight training. I was diagnosed incorrectly in January with type 2, and in March finally diagnosed correctly with type 1 and started insulin. My improvement since then has been astronomical. I had lost a lot of weight (was under weight) and had to stop working out. Anyway, I’m finding that my energy levels are low and that I get headaches. I’m 46 years old and prior to my diagnosis and illness I worked out HARD… pushed myself to my limits etc., and I really want to get back to that place. Is it possible with diabetes? Will I get my energy levels back up? Anybody here diagnosed at an older age like me?

Have you had your thyroid levels checked? Type 1 diabetics frequently have underactive thyroid glands, a side effect of which is low energy.

Hi there,

I actually have had my thyroid checked and it’s within normal range. I am going to get it rechecked, however.

Hmm, ok. I wish I had another idea. I suppose it’s always possible that your body is just a little sluggish as it tries to reorient itself to having the right medications, but I really don’t have any basis for saying that; it’s just a thought. I was so little when I was diagnosed that I can’t remember feeling like that or whether my body had a “catch up” period. Your body might still just be learning how to properly digest and use food.

I will say, though, that you absolutely can do hard workouts like that with T1D. I bet it will take you some playing around with how your body reacts to exercise, what kinds of foods work best to give you energy, etc. It’s so individualized, which can be super frustrating.

I’ll also add that you’re still pretty new to T1D, so it may also be that your blood sugars aren’t in the greatest range yet (I could be wrong though). I just know that when my sugars run higher, I sleep a LOT more and have no desire to do anything.

For me, though, typically, I exercise in the evenings during the week. I also eat low carb, so in order for me to have enough energy at night, I stack my carb intake for breakfast and lunch. As I’m sure you’re learning, though, everyone is different, and so much of it is trial and error. Keep us posted on how things are going for you.

This is actually very helpful. It’s encouraging and that’s what I need. Good idea to stack the carbs in the morning and at lunch. I workout in the evenings as well…so I will give that a whirl.

I think I just need to be patient and know that it’s going to take some time for me to heal. I’m also no spring chicken at 46, (not old…but not a baby anymore either!) and this has definitely taken it’s toll on me. I feel like I’ve aged 10 years in 6 months.

I also think part of it is that I’m actually sort of afraid to push myself. Hot yoga is very taxing and as a ‘normal’ person dizziness and shakiness is sometimes a part of hot yoga. When I feel that way when I practice, however, I get a little nervous… not knowing if it’s related to my diabetes or just cuz I’m doing hot yoga! I think as more time passes and I learn to trust my body and myself more… it’ll get better.

As an example, today I am completely wiped out and I really don’t know why. I slept well, I ate well… and my blood sugars have been stable for the last 3-4 days. I just want to go to bed right now! I am going to follow up again with my doctor.

Thank you so much for your kind words and for responding. I appreciate it very much.


I was diagnosed at 25 and I had a lot of the weakness and tiredness as you expressed in the beginning but, after a few months I got my energy back.

Honestly, it really does sound like hypothyroid but, obviously I am not a doctor. Definitely get it checked. Let us know what happens.

I hope that you feel better soon!

Hey Katrinas. I know the feeling I often get headaches and tired after eating. I have checked my sugar and been in a pretty good range so I don’t think it’s sugar related. Have you noticed it in relation to a certain type of food you are eating. Maybe it could be a food allergy of some sort.


I didn’t think about it possibly being a food allergy.