Wearing the insulin pump... any tips?

Ok so I have had my insulin pump on for about 24 hrs now. I was pretty ok with it until I had to go to bed last  night. My PJ pants had a pocket but it seemed to weigh them down if I would walk or it would fall out of my pocket when I would lay down.  Does anyone have any tips for wearing the pump at night, or anytime for that matter?

I went out and got a cotton pajama-styled bra. I clip my pump to the center of that.

Most come with a "pump clip" that you can use to attach it to clothing. Otherwise I use my pocket, in between my bra, and in between my waist and the elastic of my pants. A little inconvenient... but worth it for the control :)

Thanks for the tips! I have also heard of purchasing mens T shirts with pockets and wearing them inside out and putting the pump in the pocket.  :)

I lay mine beside me on the bed. I am a fairly calm sleeper and find this to work very well for me. I have a longer Infusion tube so I can lay it 10 - 15 inches away and sleep with very few issues other than if I have a bad night I have pulled the infustino set out and have to put a new one it during the night but this has only happened a couple times in over 2 years. There is also a elastic band sold you can put your pump into  a pocket and place the band arond your mid section or leg or arm depending on the band. I have not used these but have thought about them a time or two. Best of Luck!