Weekend vacation

I took my first trip with my dexcom, and it was great. (Pat, I was in your home state in Annapolis! The drivers there are fine, nothing like the TERRIBLE southern MD drivers who drive 5 miles per hour in both the left and right lanes in DC, lol)

The sensor did great in the swimming pool, and the receiver was fine in the sand at the beach. I was also happy w/ the range. I left the receiver on the bathroom counter it buzzed around most of the 2-room hotel room.

Anyways, it was night and day from when I traveled with my pump back when I was on one in '05 or so. Every time I got on a plane, it would stop working and I'd be 400-500 getting off the plane. I even took an 8 hour amtrak trip to a conference to avoid flying with that piece of sh*t once. (;

So, yeah! Even though I get weird errors about 1-2 x's a week, I'm officially addicted to my CGM!!!

Sarah....I know you said you had problems with wearing a pump.....are you having any of the same problems with the dexcom?  I know that when I wear a CGM that the endo prescribes for 72 hours, I get a hard knot at the site and it gets really red and irritated.  Just wondering if your body likes it or not??!!  Thanks!

Angela, I'm lucky I've been okay! My allergy is actually to the insulin (although I'm allergic to same medical tapes, bandaids, too).

That sucks you've had such a bad reaction! Is it the tape holding it on or the actual metal sensor in the skin?

Glad to hear your sensor worked out with the water and sand, Sarah!  I'll be testing mine out in that sort of environment for the first time, as well, at the end of June.  :) 

Yes, welcome to the land of CGM addiction...  the first step was admitting you have a problem.  :)