Weight Gain ahhhhh

So I never knew just how emotional I would feel about the weight gain.  I have been trying to get pregnant since last September and I have had one miscarriage in between.  I am 13 weeks pregnant now and I have put on 18lbs.  I have had no morning sickness my entire pregnancy nor have I had any food aversions (one time to fish).  I feel so blessed to be pregnant but I feel so depressed that I have put on so much weight so quickly.  I really didn't take into account for the emotional feeling behind it.  I guess I read all the books and I guessed that maybe I would gain about 5-6lbs the first three months.  I don't eat any crap, I eat veggies, protien and dairy a lot but I am consuming a lot more calories. I feel hungry a lot more and before the 1/2 cup cottage cheese and yogurt in the am was perfect...not anymore.  I did stop taking Symlin because it is not considered "safe" for pregnancy but I am really depressed at the scale.  My endo said that my numbers are wonderful and that I don't seem to be having as many after meal spikes even though I think that I do...even though he doesn't seem concerned I am freaked out by it... :(


I have gained exactly 10 lbs and I'm 20 weeks. I know that's not "a lot" of weight but I feel huge. I told my mom today I feel like a tipped cow. LOL I was in a size 1 pre-pregnancy.  At 12 weeks pregnant I could barely button my pants! LOL Now I am wearing a size 8 in the waist. Plus I am covered in disgusting acne like you can't even imagine. It's ALL over my face! I feel really ugly :( But at the same time I know I am growing a beautiful little girl and that keeps me going when I feel down! But I totally understand the emotional part about how you feel. I have never been a vain person. Hardly ever bothered to even wear make up. But now I just look in the mirror and I feel fat and pimply. LOL

Don't worry too much about the weight gain though. It's completely out of your control! I am continually gaining weight also, despite the fact that I eat healthy. I eat lots of veggies everyday and drink ONLY water. But the lbs still pack on. You can't stop that when you're pregnant. Just remember that we are going thru all this torture for a VERY good reason :)

Thanks for the posts ladies- I feel the same way! So glad I’m not alone, and you are right we are growing beautiful babies inside us so it is all worth it!

Yes I will keep reminding myself that this was self inflicted torture and it will be worth it in the end to kiss the cheeks of our babies :)

Think a lot of pregnancy weight gain is genetic.  Read "The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy."  The author said she gained the same amount of weight in each of her pregnancies, even thought she was eating very differently each time and was home during one, working a busy job during another.  

Wow that is actually very interesting...I just ordered that book :)