Weight gain specific to type 1?

Hi everyone,

Just looking for some advice or thoughts on the topic of weight gain during pregnancy for type 1 diabetics. I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant and have gained about 45 pounds. I am extremely worried! The good news is that my numbers are good (most of the time) and baby is doing just fine. Is the excess insulin really to blame for such an excessive weight gain? I eat like a normal person, I don’t eat fast food or have any cravings. I’ve eaten ice cream maybe three times while pregnant. I know I have a few factors working against me: I was extremely active pre-pregancy, teaching fitness classes and working out on my own and I also started on an insulin pump at about 6 weeks pregnant. I know sometimes weight gain occurs after starting on a pump. I just feel like there is nothing I can do about it! Sure, I am still active, but not to the degree I was 29 weeks ago. What are other’s experiences? And how was weight loss after birth?

If your doctors aren’t concerned with your weight gain I wouldn’t really worry about it. If you were active before the pregnancy, as long as you get active again after you should be able to drop it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was both the pregnancy (let’s be honest, 99% of women put on weight) and the increased insulin needs.

You could also ask your endo/GP to check your thyroid, as that can cause weight gain. My SIL (non-diabetic) was diagnosed with a thyroid issue a year after her first child’s birth; dispite training and running a marathon after giving birth, teaching yoga and fitness classes and eating well she was putting on weight instead of losing it. She just had to start taking some pills to get her thyroid back on track.

Since insulin needs do fluctuate while pregnant, that definitely could be a factor. But honestly, it’s definitely nothing to worry about, especially if your doctors haven’t said anything.

Thank you for your replies. I hate to be someone who is worried about weight during pregnancy, because it really means nothing and is just a number! All that matters is that my diabetes is well managed and baby is doing well. I look forward to getting the weight off after he is born in September. I think I will inquire about a thyroid test, its been a while since I’ve had it checked anyway. Can’t hurt!