Weight Gain

ever since i have had type 1 i have gained a lot of weight i dont no if its a growing thing or if this dose something to that part of you but dose anyone know anything about this.

Do you know if you're a healthy weight for your height? Weight changes a lot in your teen years. I wouldn't be concerned unless your doctor is concerned.

You may hear that insulin makes you gain weight. This is true but for a good reason. Before you were diagnosed, you were losing glucose in your urine. As a result, you could eat plenty more food because your body wasn't absorbing the necessairy calories to function.  Now that your taking insulin, your body is absorbing all the calories from the foods you eat. My advice is to make sure you're eating well (whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and minimal sugar) and exercising most days of the week.


dont worry. you are not alone! after i was diagnosed in september, i gained 30 pounds in a couple of weeks but didnt grow. now, im only about 5 pounds heavier and have grown an inch or two.

Great advice, I've gained about 10 pounds that I need to lose.  I'm on a pump.  Exercise at least 5 or more days a week and have changed to whole grains, low fat or fat free dairy and added more lean meats to my meals.  Also eating more fruits per day.  It's been about 90 days so far no results should I give it more time?

[quote user="Bridget Danner"] It's been about 90 days so far no results should I give it more time?[/quote]

Definitely give it more time!  Most importantly, don't give up whether you are seeing results externally or not.  Your heart is thanking you for the exercise:)  It takes people different amounts of time to gain/lose weight depending on a ton of things!  Just keep it up!