Weight loss because of high blood sugars

so i've been running high for about a month and a half because of my honeymoon period ending. the doctora are working on adjusting my insulin it's just taking a looong time...

so since i last went to the doctor and got weighed there (about a week and a half ago), i've lost like 8 pounds.. has anyone else experienced this? i dont wanna give myself more insulin because i dont know what it will do to me....

and im NOT purposely trying to lose weight or anything... the doctors have asked me that and of course im not

errg this is so frustrating i also got ketones for like the first time at camp today and they didnt know what to do so i was high the entire day and took soo much insulin for my snack cuz i was so high

so back to my original point, has anyone lost weight from really high blood sugars?? (not like before being diagnosed.. that happened to me i remember)

dont stopp taking your insulin. it could potentially and will kill u. its a conditoin called diabulimia. i had a friend not take insulin for 4+months and she had a 20 a1c on her own and i found out about this 15 minutes after she was on her way to rehab in minnisota for 2 weeks. after findin out bout it i started giving my self more insulin to "make up for her not talkin hers" it got both of us sick. but now she is back and she is more than a friend to me i love her with all my heart she is like my sister. i went to a jb concert with her and im glad she got help u may b loosing weight now but insulin is life support take attavantage of it!!

dont worry i'll always take my insulin! im just fruststrated because of all hte highs that i have no idea where they're coming from and i  keep losing weight  cuz of that

Using more insuling normally makes you gain some weight, but having high blood sugars for a long period of time can also make you lose weight. So, most likely, the weight loss is a side effect of the high blood sugars. I'm sure once you get all the new adjustments out of the way and get your blood sugars back to normal, your weight will stabilize. (=