Weight loss blues- support from other T1s who have successfully lost weight

Hi! I’m just looking to connect with other type 1s who have successfully lost weight. I’m so far on a successful path, but am just so frustrated about the constant lows. I’m constantly adjusting my insulin lower which I know is good and healthy but it’s so annoying to have to change it every week it feels like. I’m starting to add activity in and that’s literally killing my blood sugar (doing temp basal but playing around with the perfect number for me and a small snack if needed before). I’m just sick of going low daily. Sick of gluc tabs or juice to get myself up when I’m not hungry. Basically I just want to know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that as my weight loss slows my insulin sensitivity will at least become more predictable. When I was heavier, I had controlled diabetes and my A1C was 7.2. I went low maybe once or twice a month. With weight loss I’m about to go low or go low daily. Thankfully with a cgm, I’m able to stop a true dangerous low from occurring, but still frustrating. I’m changing my basal almost every 5-7 days and now am trying IC ratios since I’m starting to go low an hour or two hours after eating. I just really want encouragement that it’s all worth it and that my diabetes will become more predictable again. I’m happy with my A1C on this weight loss journey since I’m in the 6s now and my yearly labs where they test your organs were great, but just really need some reassurance that I’ll somehow figure this out and be in charge of my diabetes again.

Hi @Tee25 . Congratulations on your weight loss and your A1Cs. May I ask how much weight you’ve lost since when, and how much you’re losing a week, and how much more you’re planning (I know, I’m being nosey). Figuring out basal rates and carb ratios with exercise is a very frustrating matter of trial and error. Do you use a pump? If you use Tandem with Dexcom’s CIQ don’t forget to update your weight now and then - I don’t know how but apparently it factors into its calculations. You also need to verify total daily insulin, and I imagine yours has dropped somewhat since you’re adjusting your basal rate frequently.
If you’re losing weight fast maybe your body doesn’t have time to “settle in” before changing again. Hopefully your insulin needs will level out once you hit your target and you’ll find some settings that hold and you can relax for a while.
Just some theories from a fellow Type1 - I’m not a doctor so make sure your team is in the loop.

Thank you! Not nosy at all. I’m down 23 pounds since the first week of January and have about 20 more pounds to lose. Typically I’m losing anywhere from 1-2 pounds a week.

I have an omnipod and Dexcom so I’m unable to do that unfortunately.

My endo team has been great with it we’ve been emailing on a weekly basis and have an appointment with them on Wednesday. Just so crazy how 1-2 pounds is considered average but it just increases your sensitivity like crazy

It’s surprising what a big difference a couple of pounds can make! I’m glad you’re in regular touch with your team and will see them soon. Keep up the good work - it’s frustrating but you don’t have too much further to go!

If I’m counting correctly, it’s only 11 weeks since the beginning of January, which means you’re losing slightly more than 2 lbs per week. That’s tremendous — congratulations! It’s seriously tough to lose weight, period, much less while managing your blood sugar.

And I know plenty of people who would call 2 lbs/wk aggressive. 1/2 to 1 lb/wk is more realistic for a lot of folks, especially as they get closer to their goal weight. So if you can hold that pace throughout, then good for you, but don’t beat yourself up if it slows down as you get closer to those last few pounds, either. The last few are the hardest for most everyone.

I don’t have any real advice, I’m afraid, but I can absolutely validate for you that what you’re doing is an accomplishment! Way to go, and keep up the great work!