My son Noah is 8yo, was dx'd in March of 2005 and has Athsma and allergies to peanuts, pennisillian family, and sulfa.  Noah was in the hospital with DKA in 2007 the weekend before and the weekend ater Thanksiving that year.  He lost about 5lb.  His weight was checked about a month later and he only gained about 2lb back.  However, since then he has been relatively healthy with only small bouts of DKA and he has still yet to grow in highth or in weight and it has been over a year.

I had done some trouble shooting and desided to wein him off his daily flovent and flonase treatments for his Athsma because his athsma has been doing very well.  That was about three months ago and he still has not gained weight.

I should probably mention that Noah has no problem eating.  He will eat 3 meals and 4+ snacks a day.  He had been drinking soy milk and now I have put him back drinking organic cow milk.  It has been about three weeks at that.  He looks like he might be gaining a smidge but, that is when I am squinting and the sun is in my eyes.  ;-p

Mention this to his endo. I know our endo watches E's weight and height. At our last visit he mentioned that it is slowing down. If it keeps up he is going to do a blood work up. he said it is commen with kids with T1 to have a thyriod problem. He was not real concerned this visit but will check at the next one if it does not improve.

I do not want to push our nutritional beliefs on you so take this with a grain of salt. Use the info as you wish. Check out this web site. www.notmilk.com. We use to drink cows milk and then went to soy. I did lots of research on soy and relized that was not the choice for use either. We use rice milk in our house. Check those things out. It maybe helpful especially with the asthma thing.Good luck, I hope this helps you.

Thank you for the info.  I will be checking that out.  I am sure you stopped useing for similar reasons that I had.  I am just running out of ideas and milk is only the last resort.  I have had people tell me to add hella fats to his meal and all kinds of stuff like that.  I have't and will not go that rought as to not prematurely, if at all, clog is arteries.

I have spoken to his endo and she had a bunch of blood work done at his last visit and nothing stood out.  We are going in on the 6th and she will do the blood work over again.  No thyroid problem for him, just me.

Noah seems to be more bothered with the fact that he can't gain any weight than he is with having diabetes.  Poor kid is skin and bones.

Try having him tested for Celiac. I have been told that having Celiac decreases the intestinal absorption of nutrients and food, makes BG eratic and stunts growth. All reversible if on a Celiac diet. Also you can be asymptomatic and still have Celiac... Hmmm not fun and very confusing, but worth checking into. It's a blood test and have a special Celiac panel drawn , so you don't have to go back and have a 2nd blood draw if the screen comes out +.  Good Luck

I just put Noah back on organic milk about a month ago and before that he was drinking soy and I used it in all of my cooking that required milk.  His sister is allergic and has reflux desease, so I just put the whole family on soy.  

I will have the endo check him when we go in next week.  Thank you for the sujestion.

Ok , one more thought- I have heard from others that soy as well as cow's milk can cause allergy symptoms but goat's milk does not and actually has something in it that is beneficial.  I don't have any links or real info about this so you may want to look into it.  You can cook with it and they have goat's milk yogurt.  My only experience with cow milk and soy was with our Son ( who oddly enough is part Asian) could not tolerate soy formula or regular formula, I put him on lactose free and he did fine.  Another thought is that a  high percentage of Celiac sufferers are lactose intolerant as well, due to the intestinal villi damage ( which does heal over time).  That bit of info came from our Peds Gastro  and our Naturopathic MD.  Good Luck and let us know how your Son is doing.