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Hey everyone, I wanted to celebrate being myself a little and hopefully find others who are looking for some celebration of themselves. I have finally been able to see some movement on the scale in the right direction, with healthy eating and exercise habits. I have lost about 15 pounds since January, with some simple lifestyle changes. The biggest, drinking more water. Who would have thought? At my last doctors visit, my doctor expressed that she was happy to see me lose some weight. I am excited and wanted to share with the group. It was hard to even start moving the scale in the beginning, so I was curious about other people’s stories with weight in general and if anyone wants to celebrate, sound off in the comments about everything. I think people should celebrate themselves more!!

Hi Danielle @fieldiez , it is admirable, and probably a good idea for your long-term wellness that you bring your body weight to a reasonable point. What do your healthcare providers suggest is a good weight for your height and frame? Everyone appears to have opinions - sometimes contradicting eachother. The cardiologist I see wants me to add about 10 pounds whereas, other doctors say I’m fine as is.

From what I know, people have been able to achieve what they want by beginning with a “reasonable” goal that can be achieved in one month with only incremental effort; then increased effort and weight loos for each subsequent month. Work one step at a time…

I do suggest that you consult with a dietitian to make certain that the foods you choose to eat will provide for your health. Keep in mind, that insulin is a growth hormone. So, if you are eating fewer carbohydrates, your insulin will most probably need to also be reduced. There is a catch 22 for someone with diabetes - as you increase healthy activity/exercise [which is a necessity], and reduce carbohydrates and calories, you may need to treat insulin reactions - treat these hypoglycemic events with low calorie carbohydrates and then try to figure out new insulin dosing so these events can be mitigated. Not easy all the time.

I don’t remember your method for insulin - if you use a pump, I may be able to offer some tips for setting up a Profile / Pattern for days when you have scheduled increased activity.

Hi and congratulations on your dedication to your health. I just want to second what Dennis said about making sure you’re getting the nutrients you need as you lose weight. Your dietitian or nutritionist can help you make sure you achieve your goals healthily - that includes not losing it too fast, so make sure 2-3lbs/week is safe.
Wishing you all the best!

Thanks, @Dennis, and @wadawabbit Yes to everything you both recommended. I discuss this with my doctors and although it has been a little bit since I have seen a nutritionist, I have pretty much been trying to lose weight since I got diabetes three years ago and I saw a nutritionist off and on for the first year I should be more clear that I was trying to celebrate in my post. Reading over the original it did not sound that way!! I am excited to finally see a change on the scale in the right direction. My GP is happy with my goals and my plans to get there!

I am on Humalog injections. I should be clear that I work out every day in some capacity or another. Most of the time I spend an hour doing some sort of interval training, I go for a long walk, I jog around the neighborhood, I lift weights. I should do more yoga though because stress affects my bg more than anything.

I’ll celebrate with you, Danielle! Fifteen pounds is a huge deal, and so are adding (and maintaining!) the excellent habits of drinking enough water and exercising. Way to go!!!

I noticed pandemic weight accumulating myself, and I didn’t like it. On the advice of a friend, I started keeping a food log — actually writing down every calorie. I weighed and measured, and really tried to stay under my target, which I set to what should result in about a 1/2-pound loss per week. I also wrote down my exercise, and I didn’t worry about going over my calorie allotment on days when I burned more than enough to compensate for it.

It is definitely hard, but I can tell you, I felt great when I could see it working. Just like, well, like science: when I consistently took in less than I needed, I lost weight! About a 1/2-pound a week, as a matter of fact. :slightly_smiling_face: It was still magical, and very much worth celebrating!

I’m using the past tense, because when I got back to the weight I wanted, I stopped logging, and unfortunately I also started to slide back into the bad habits that got this whole thing started. Mostly, I eat to stay awake, and I’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to keep up in Pandemic World. If I just went to sleep when I know I should, I wouldn’t have this problem! Anyway, I’m still down overall from the peak that prompted my journey, and I’m very happy to have someone else to talk to about it. So thank you for posting, and please do post again! I want to hear how you’re doing with it, and I promise to keep cheering for your success! :tada:

That is awesome @srozelle. Keeping a food log has helped me a lot as well, with both blood sugar and weight. I don’t do much calorie tracking anymore. I tried for months and didn’t have much luck, but writing out how much food I was eating was kind of a realization that I was eating bigger portions than I needed. I think it is okay to slide back a little, especially when need more energy to keep going on long days. Life can get pretty busy and sometimes we need to eat a little more. I like what you said about if you went over, you did not worry if you were compensating with some exercise. Thanks for sharing your story. It was inspiring to say the least!! Thanks for your encouragement, I will definitely post again!!

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Hi Danielle,
That’s a lot of weight to lose! Congratulations!
The pandemic world and winter decreased my usual activity, so I gained a few extra pounds. I’m being more active now, less of a sitter, and it is gradually coming off. The only thing is if I overdue the exercise then I may need to treat the low with carbs which I don’t want to have to do very often.

Thanks, Janine. I have been overweight for a long time so it feels good to start taking care of that aspect of my health. That is true, the pandemic has seemed to affect a lot of people’s exercise routines and winter always makes it tougher to get outside and exercise as well. It is definitely a change in many people’s lives this year. I guess I am pretty fortunate in that I almost never go low from exercise. I can see how not wanting to go low would put a bit of a damper on some workouts that you might like to do!! That must be frustrating if you like to exercise but are worried about going too low!! Keep up the good work!! Hopefully, we can all get back to a little more normalcy soon. (Maybe not all the way but closer to “normal”)

Just checking in. How’s it going? I’m back on the wagon myself, logging and exercising and hydrating. Here’s hoping you’re feeling good about your own journey!

Thanks for checking in!! I have lost a couple pounds since we last talked. I have been slipping a little with late night eating, because I have been pulling a lot of late nights to study for finals and get assignments done. On top of that I haven’t been doing my normal exercise routine, but I am happy to just maintain, considering that I have a busy couple weeks coming up. I still walk most days, just as something quick. Today I finally got a really good workout in, so I feel refreshed.

I wish you luck on your journey and hope that you feel good about it as well. Keep up the good work and keep me posted as well!!

Wow, a couple more pounds in just two weeks is awesome! Congratulations!!

I was in the same boat with late nights to get work done derailing my good intentions, AND I got some real exercise in yesterday for the first time in too long, too. We’re academic calendar twins. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll keep it up if you will!

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Thanks!! I will definitely keep it up!!

Wow, we really are academic calendar twins! :smiley:

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