Weight Loss Support

OK, fellow T1's. Even though it can be harder to loose weight with this disease, l'd love if you joined me in supporting each other as we try to loose weight (for those of us who need to) in a healthy way. Let's give updates as it goes along and support each other! (Non-T1 parents, etc., on here, feel free to join us too!)

My current weight: 136 (ack, too much sharing online? lol)

My weight loss goal: 10 lbs.

What I did well today: Changed my lunch time ratio so I didn't go low in the afternoon, therefore avoiding eating any snack before dinner

What I could have changed today: Not eating chips with dinner just because husband was!

Yay! Yea I'm trying to loose 10 as well. I'm a healthy 125 but 115-117 is my goal. I make little changes. No more refined sugar, more veggies, more water and more exercise (I used to only exercise 2 days a week but now I'm doing cardio and weight training 5 days a week and I already lost a pound haha). My boyfriend and I are also not drinking during the week. It really adds up. I usually only have 1 glass of wine with dinner at night but I figured it wouldn't hurt just to eliminate it completely. We have been doing this since christmas and we both have lost some weight.  To be honest, its not really about the weight..I'm not overweight at all...but rather just making little changes and feeling better. Good luck!

Hi Sarah, are there any good books out there-for losing weight with d ? Are there any programs people can sign up for with any focus on d care ? Thanks :)

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Hi Sarah, are there any good books out there-for losing weight with d ? Are there any programs people can sign up for with any focus on d care ? Thanks :)


I have no idea. I bet there are many for T2, but have never heard of any for T1.

Some large D programs at hospitals have weight loss support if you happen to live near one. Is this for your husband or someone else?

hi Sarah--I was asking because it is the start of a new year and I think it is on a lot of minds...My husband is thin-no joke-way too thin in fact....Me,I would love to lose some pounds and start an habit of more exercise.......My teen and her friends talk about weight of course.I think she is a good weight.I am sure she like all girls wants to lose some.I want her to always do that with d safety in mind.She mentioned exercise to the endo-He told her to just move and keep on moving.We both liked that advice....I saw some things on the Today Show this morn..by Joy B ? She had some good food ideas that I want to look at.....send any ideas you have this way,ha...You are doing great if you only have 10 lbs. to lose.You must be on a good track already.Thanks :)

Meme, sorry that was probably rude of me to ask. My husband annoys me too with how much he can eat w/o gaining a pound. We joke that one day middle age will actually hit him and he'll explode from everything he eats. (:

hahaha you are always good with me Sarah :)   I did once have a vet tell me I had a fat dog...I think he wanted me to put that sweet dog on a doggie diet...She just loved her treats a little too much,ha !

This is the thread I've been waiting for :) Thanks!

OK, here it is:

Current weight: 230

Target weight: 170-ish (I'm 5'9, 35 years young)

1st goal: To lose 20 lbs. I figure if I give myself smaller realistic goals, the bigger goal doesn't seem as high of a mountain to climb.

Things I need to change in order to accomplish goal:

1) Eat on a regular schedule. I usually miss breakfast, eat a small lunch, snack throughout the afternoon, medium-sized dinner, and snack at night. I walk by food and I usually want it.

2) Drink more water. My body is full of diet carbonated beverages. It's rare that I drink anything else. That needs to change.

3) Move. I need to get my blood pumping. I'm mostly in front of a computer all day and do not take the time to do any kind of aerobic or strength conditioning at all. I am purchasing a rowing/biking machine soon. I love both of those activities and would feel good about doing them, instead of like I HAVE to do them.

4) Mindset. I can defeat myself very easily with a few negative thoughts. I was raised around that kind of thinking and now I am aware of it.

5) Keep a food journal. If I write down my food intake, I feel like I can become aware of exactly how much (and how bad) I am eating.

6) Set goals. I have never been motivated to accomplish much of anything. I have a hard time gaining the momentum it takes to keep the ball rolling in pretty much anything I do. Now's the time for change.

Thanks for the great post, and I will keep posting with my results, no matter my results. I will be truthful with my health and all of you.

Current weight- 127

Goal- 120

What I did well today- I went to the gym for 50 minutes, I had a salad with both lunch and dinner, and my nighttime snack was oatmeal

What I could have done better- not overeat when my level dropped to 55- (easier said when my level is 148)

Would you all be interested in me making a group for this? Called Weight Loss Support?

My current weight: 225.6 (lost 3.4 last week!)

My weight loss goal: 150 ish, I figure as I go down I will evaluate what feels right for me.

What I did well today: stayed on plan, I am doing weight watchers

What I could have changed today: I was bad at drinking my water today.

I am glad you started this thread, I am not diabetic, my 5 year old daughter is.  I have decided it is time for me to do something so that I can be active with her and hopefully insprire her to always be active and healthy as she grows up so that hopefully when she is older it will be routine for her.  I am trying to be a better example.  I have always fed my kids really healthy and they are really active but I never took care of myself.  I have joined weight watchers and week 1 was great, lost 3.4 lbs, this week has been good too so I am hopeful for another good weigh in. 


I think that would be a great idea.

Many thanks!

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Would you all be interested in me making a group for this? Called Weight Loss Support?




That would be a great!

Gina, good idea. I hope people will check it (hint, hint everyone!).

So, yesterday I ate a cupcake which I was frustrated with, but today I used the stairs instead of the elevator at work, expect for taking my son to/from the garage to his daycare (5 flights of stairs, he's in the same bldg where I work...).

I hope you all will bother me and make sure I'm keeping with this. (:

Wait,wait,wait...It's not official till Gina starts that group,right ?? I think that cupcake gets a slide and my zero exercise does too,hahaha !!!  :)

So, we haven't started yet? Where's my gyro-filled donut?

ralfe,I was eating a cracker with cheese and busted out laughing reading what you said,haha,ha... Gina forgot that group-let's blame her for our downfall,ha :)

hi ralfe,the rowing/biking machine sounds good.I saw where one woman lost a lot of weight just by exercise.She just added it into her daily life......I am sure everyone has started-just have not posted yet.I like the idea of setting small goals.All the small goals can add up to great change.Good Luck to us all :)

Hi all. Yesterday, instead of driving to the grocery store to pick up a few things, I forced my toddler into his stroller (parents, you know they never want to get in once they can walk! lol), and walked over. Pushing A. into his stroller while trying to buckle it was probably the most exercise I got all week. (; But, I ate out twice yesterday, and once today, all due to social reasons (friends over, etc). Have to try to cook something lighter tonight!

Sarah,I know you are on the move with a little one.They make you move,ha..My mother never did any formal exercise except staying on the move.She never had to think on weight because she seemed to work it off some how.The endo told my daughter to move and keep on moving.Must be something to that......anyway because of your post here...I just might--and that is a might.....take all the clutter off the treadmill-dust old betsy off and use her,ha.....That might be a good way to lose weight and take a little stress away....I can ask my daughter to see if she would like us to keep up with the miles.No race,she is younger and would leave me in the dust,ha !! :)