Weight loss

I have been a type 1 diabetic for almost 11 years now. I’ve always been overweight with this disease. I have tried and tried to lose weight to no avail. Does anyone have any tips for losing weight with T1D?

Thank you!

Tip #1: Low-carb eating. You will lose weight consistently by keeping your carbs at less than 60g per day, and once you get where you want to be, keeping them at under 100g/day. Focus on meat, cheese, eggs, nuts, and green veggies, and eat all you want of those. Minimize or eliminate bread, chips, crackers, pasta, potatoes, cereal, milk, rice, fruit, and sweets. Eat all the oil and butter you want. Load up on gravies and non-sweet sauces. Sugar-free beverages are fine.

Tip #2: Symlin. When our pancreases stop producing insulin, they also stop producing amylin. It’s not a critical hormone, but it’s a helpful one because it helps us feel full. Symlin is a synthetic amylin, taken through injection pen. You inject it just as you start eating, and within literally a minute or two you will feel so full.