Weight loss

Hey my name is nancie. Its been 10 years me being diabetic. I was diagnosed at the age of 14 and was underweight. However, i gained steadily over 2-3 years and reached 50 kg. I was hardly 32kg when i was dignosed but then after 6 years i started facing hypoglycemic episodes and loose 10 kgs. Then i changed my insulin and no more hypo now. I am 40 kg now and i look horribly thin. I have been trying to put on weight bt nothing works. I having the good diet. My sugar stay stable n hba1c is 7. can you please suggest me how to put on weight?? any diet, exercise you would like to suggest? any supplements?

That’s a pretty good A1C, not quite as low as they like to see (less than 6.5), but not at a point where I would think it’s contributing to any weight loss. Have you asked your doctor about this? If there are no concerns, your doc could recommend a dietitian to review your diet and see if there are any foods or supplements you could add, such as a protein powder. Often a high-fat, low carb regimen can help maintain a healthy weight while not interfering with blood glucose control.

Hi @Nancie,

Sorry that I can’t help you gain weight - there are some people who tell me that I’m way too skinny, although those who usually tell me that are often much to heavy. I’m about 90.5 inches tall and yesterday at the Endocrinologist visit I weighed in at 147 lbs. / 65.5 kg. Your weight gain after diagnosis at age 14 sounds normal; although you haven’t mentioned your current height, 40lg. / 88 lbs. may be a little too thin. What does your doctor think?

Be careful making changes, your HBA1c sounds good for a female of 24. I’m not a medical doctor, but I would be comfortable suggesting that you increase your diet with some whole grain foods - which would require an increase in insulin. Whatever you do, work gradually, test often the day of any change and the next day too. If everything looks good, and you feel comfortable on the second day you may want to try a little more food with proper insulin adjustment. Most important is that you feel comfortable - I’m comfortable with my weight and the doctor is too.

Hey.Thanks for replying.I asked my doctor about protein powder.but he suggested me not to take any supplements for weight gain.My dietician suggested me to have more frequent meals.my height is 159 cm.

More frequent eating may help. I always eat at least 4 times each day, often 5 times. My heaviest carb & calorie meal is mid-day and one of my “meals” is an hour or two before bedtime mostly for assurance that I’ll not drop too low in my sleep. I had started that bed-time snack routine many years before home blood tests came into existence.