Weight problems and type one?

So I have always been very active, High school soccer etc. weight was NEVER an issue. Wanna drop a few pounds, tweak my diet boom weight dropped. I am now 32 and it took me three years from my first child to get to prepregnancy weight only to get pregnant at the same time with my beautiful second child. I am now two years postpartum I have made MASSIVE changes to my diet, reduced alcohol to almost nothing, started lifting weights and exercising 4-5 times per week and I have not lost one pound. I am so frustrated I even asked for a cortisol test as my pcp didn’t understand either. Is there any sort of understanding, insight or education that I may be lacking? Really wanting to give up, the only reason I haven’t is because my health has been much improved and I feel better, just very frustrated. Thanks for reading.

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I personally have found I tend to gain weight of my basal rates are too high due to the extra calories. Not the same as what you’re having but it might be worth checking.
Some PCPs have a greater understanding than others of medical specialties. I like mine well enough but I see them for flu shots, sore throats and general aches and pains, and go to the respective specialist for the rest.
I hope the forum helps you solve your mystery!

Hi @Mlp1124. Speaking as an ex track runner now 53, it takes longer now then it did in high school.

First no matter what, being active is better than not so you are doing a great job with that.

Hope you are getting thyroid TSH checked. Low thyroid shows up as high TSH and low thyroid makes weight loss impossible

If you are exercising and treating for lots of lows by lots of sugar… you’re undoing your own good work. Getting small means balancing calories and getting insulin needs as low as they can go while maintaining blood sugar and balancing 15 dinner plates on your head. Ok maybe not the plates but there’s lots of balancing to do.

I have had luck with medium/low fat, high lean protein, low carb and reducing total daily insulin. This is just easier on a pump but I don’t know what you’re using.

Keep charging!

Speaking of eating, I started eating Mediterranean style the start of the year and found myself losing weight. Even with Covid and not having access to my gym and my regimen there, my weight continues to go down, although more slowly than before. I confess I fell off the wagon fit a couple of weeks recently but am getting back on - I find I missed the food!

Thanks for the response. I have had my thyroid checked and all is good in respect to blood work, cortisol levels etc. I am working to reduce my insulin needs too so hopefully this journey is just a slow yet productive one

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Thanks for the response. I think I may try this as this seems to be the healthiest lifestyle and I’ve heard good things about it.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I naturally gravitated to those foods once I got started!

At this age stress can be a factor and working out too much can actually be a stressor and work against you. Make sure to have some relaxation time, Epsom salt baths if possible and if you are working out hard every day, maybe you could try to replace a couple per week with relaxing walks/pilates.

Thank you. I have relaxed a bit because I think I am over doing it and it seems to be working against me.