Weight Watchers?

Has anyone tried the new Weight Watchers Points Plus system??  I have been on it for about 9 weeks now.  I have lost 20 pounds!!  I have hit a plateau though.  Anyone have any strategies for getting over plateaus??? 

Plateaus usually occur when we've been doing the same thing for a bit and our body gets used to it. Try mixing up your routine a bit to keep your muscles confused. When they're confused they burn more calories, so it's good to keep them guessing. Physical activity is the one thing we don't want our body to become efficient at :o)

Doesn't Weight Watchers use a volumetrics diet?  I am interested in that.

Dealing with plateaus is actually the Weight Watchers discussion topic for this week, so go to a meeting and see what they advise.  

I just signed up for WW a couple months ago too.  Been losing about 2lb. a week (which seems miraculous because I've had a hard time losing weight post pregnancy)  and eating SO much healthier.  The best thing as a diabetic is that fruits and veg don't have to count against daily points, so if I'm low I eat applesauce or a banana.  

To get past the plateau you may try not eating any extra points you earn for exercise.  Or also don't dip into the 49 extra points you get per week.  Frankly, I hit a plateau after just the first few weeks and did the opposite... I ate a few more fatty meals (and still stayed within my points) and it seemed like my body did better with a few more calories.  

Congratulations for doing so well in your weight loss!  Don't lose hope, just keep going.