Weird battery issues with omnipod

Okay so I have had the Omnipod for over two years now and since then it has always worked well for me except for maybe 2 pod failures in the last two years. But I have noticed that the last two 3 times that I have had to change my batteries in my Omnipod receiver that it has told me “PDM reset, please reset clock now”
So after I put in the time and date it says “because of pod reset must deactivate pod” and it does not matter what I do. I have to deactivate it even if its only one day into me inserting it. This has never happened before and I don’t know why it’s happening now. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks so much!

Eve the cmoss battery internally in your pdm is dead so no battery backup when you change the aaa external batteries. Only option is time battery changes with Pod changes or replace the pdm. I haven’t figured out how to change the internal cmoss as I haven’t been able to disassemble it. I replaced mine. If it’s in warranty call OmniPod. Been there done that. Good luck. Even with that issue I still love the system. Michael

Super annoying, isn’t it. On my second instance of this, they replaced the pdm and told me to keep the original one as a backup. I have heard of some that are out of warranty that time battery changes with a pod change. That would work too and batteries are much cheaper than pods.

Hi Eve,

Yep, that happened to me once, too. I called Omnipod and they sent me a new PDM. Give that a try, good luck!

This happened to me when my PDM was out of warranty, and that’s the main reason I switched to the OmniPod Dash system. There’s no way to fix it; just try and time your battery change for the same time as a pod change and you should be okay for a while.

UPDATE:** Since my Omnipod PDM was still in warranty we called them and they replaced it. I received it the next day. Thanks so much everyone!