Weird complication

I was just wondering if anyone has “weird” complication. I have had diabetes now for 16 years, (I’m 25). It seems I am “blessed” with just plain weird complications. Each time I go to the doctor I’m told that are not diabetic related, but I just know they have to be. About two years ago my legs were so swollen that I could not even wear shoes. I was finally diagnosed with Lymphedema. No one can explain how I developed this, I have read articles linking Lymphedema with diabetes, but every specialist I go to says “no!” I had pain in my left hand, and was told I have trigger finger, and had to have surgery, no one can explain how I developed it since I did not do anything to cause it . Again I found a number or articles linking trigger finger to diabetes but again was told “no relation!”

I went to my doctor and he said I was doing really good since I did not have any “complications” from my diabetes… my hand is wrapped up with stitches in it and I have to wear “old lady” stockings on both legs 24-7, I have an enlarged thyroid, and have a insulin pump attached to me! Is it wrong that I wanted to punch him? :)

I'm afraid I can<t help you with most of your post...  However, I too have problems with my thyroid gland and have been taking a med (Synthroid) for it for about a year.  My endo claims it's common in people with diabetes.

So far, my only non-D related complication is carpal tunnel, which I really can't even try to explain away because of my diabetes!  That is, unless it's caused by the repetetive action of pressing the end of my lancing device and pressing the buttons on my pump!  LOL

I think I am just one of a kind! Thanks for the reply :)

I was just diagnosed with "trigger finger "also. I feel just like you I feel like i am just slowly falling apart  and yet everyone tells me how great I am doing. whatever they do not live in my shoes. I have been a diabetic for 12 years and my thyroid gland is also f@#$# up  and my feet always hurt and now this "trigger finger "thing and oh yeah I am also on ace inhibitors for my kidneys.  crazy..... i totally get where you are coming from.

Hi Tara-

No it isn't wrong! While i can't say I have lymphedema, I do have not so known complications from my T1DM. (I've had it almost 27 years) I have Hashimoto's disease(thyroid) so I am on Synthroid.  I have gastroparesis, which is like peripheral neuropathey except it happens in my digestive tract. The best part is when my endo is on vacation and I am in the hospital and the covering doc's NP scolds me about the rule of 15 which DOESN'T WORK when you have gastropaeresis...and hypoglycemia unawareness.  I honestly think that there is a small select group of us that fit into that less than 1% for weird things.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there. Thanks!