Weird Feelings

Does anyone else get these weird feelings like your BG is low, you check it and it's fine?  I just had this lightheaded, black spots, about to pass out feeling and I have no idea why.  It tends to happen pretty often and freaks me out.  Any ideas why this happens?

I sometimes check when I think I am low or high...and end up being the opposite.  There might be something else going on there....may want to keep an eye on it!  I've felt the same feelings and usually just contribute it to being tired or maybe a cold or something like that.

I've never experienced those exact symptoms, but there have been times when I would swear that I was really really low, I do a blood test and I am just fine or even high. It is almost like my symptoms for high and low reversed themselves for a day or two. But it never lasted and happens infrequently for me, I think it is generally stress related.

Your symptoms sound kind of intense though, you should probably talk to your doctor about them, especially if your BG is normal. Try to watch your diet and stay well-hydrated too, you may have some kind of vitamin/mineral deficiency, iron, Vit. D, B12, etc., that could be causing these symptoms. Your doctor could order some blood tests if you think this could possible be the problem.

Good luck figuring it out! Hope you feel better soon.

have you recently started to have better control? it's pretty common is you're used to lows or used to highs to get your symptoms a lot quicker if you recently started to have better control. your body adjusts to what your blood sugar normally is, so if you tend to be high but at say 8 you start to feel a low, it could be your body is just not used to being at that level.


it happens to me more often when i've just had a few days of highs due to being stressed or sick. Or I often feel high when my bg is normal due to being dehydrated.

those could be signs of low blood pressure. have you ever had your BP checked recently? or does it tend to run lower? did you notice your sypmtoms were upon standing up or sitting up? you can get your BP checked at most pharmacies or have your doc check it out.

Is your BG dropping quickly when you have the symptoms? That makes me feel low. But, I only get that "about to pass out" feeling when I stand up too quickly (low blood pressure).

Thanks everybody for the info.  I do take B12 shots monthly, Vit D daily, thyroid meds daily.  I've never had low BP in the past (that I know of) and until very recently I've been under good control.  So I'm not really sure what to make of it.  I'm do to see my endo next week so I'll bring it up to her then and see if she has any ideas also.

Karen, This happens to me all the time and i dont know why my mom almost took me to the er! and its insane

I had that happen to me today too. I had all the symptoms of low: my forearms felt tingly and I got very hungry out of nowhere. I was driving so I pulled over to check...I was only at 110! I've discovered that sometimes when I feel this way I may not be low yet but my sugar is rapidly dropping and my body senses it. So I popped in a fruit punch flavored sugar tab (yummy!) and continued driving. Felt better in minutes. I've never had this feeling when my sugar's high though. I usually have really bad headaches and just want to sleep and drink gallons of water if my sugar's way up there.

Whenever my BG drops very fast, I get the symptoms you described. It can drop from 110 to 80 in less than 30 minutes, and then I feel like I'm having a hypo. I usually have blurred vision when I have a fast drop. An 80 would normally be no problem at all, it is the fast drop that causes the problem for me.