Weird Insulin Resistance

It is very inconsistent, comes and goes. But i get really insulin resistant for a 3-7 days in a row from about 9AM-3PM. It happens quite often, almost once a month.

I’m not sure what happens but i take maybe 5x the insulin i usually take to get my blood sugar back down. And if i actually eat any carbs while this is going on it’s even worse.

I’ve asked my doctor and he doesn’t have an answer.

This or anything similar ever happen to anybody else?

Hey @nclewis good to hear from you. Best guess? The 2 things with the biggest effect for me is stress and exercise. I could easily cut my total daily dose by 50% if I am not active. Similar, if I am active and then not active, then my average use goes up by 50%.

The higher my stress the higher my insulin resistance. If I had some sort of routine where the stress is on in a big way all of a sudden, that could account for a big difference in my insulin requirements.

That’s all I got for what it’s worth. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

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Check this article out.

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In the morning before the first episode, are you possibly having an episode of low blood sugar before you get up for breakfast? Such an episode can cause the release of counter-regulatory hormones like glucagon which cause cause you to have a high blood sugar after breakfast.

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No, this is a cycle for multiple days in a row.