Weird Muscle Things?

As I write this post, I am having a muscle spasm in my leg. I thought I'd ask, just because I'm bored, but does anyone else hate these? Does anyone else even get them? I get them pretty often. It feels like there's a bird flapping it's wings inside of me.

And while I'm thinking of it, does anyone else also hate waking up in the middle of the night with a calf cramp? It feels like something is trying to come out of your calf! They hurt! And then your leg is always sore the next day.

So, anyone else experience this? Please respond so that I don't feel like an idiot for posting this. (=

Oh dude happens to me all the time.  Very good way of putting it too, a bird's wings flapping.  I will get them in my thigh and arm. 

Oh the calf cramp.  That is a fun one.  I usually kick it out and end up with a sore calf for a few days instead of waking up and stretching it out like I should.

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So, anyone else experience this? Please respond so that I don't feel like an idiot for posting this. (=


You are not an idiot.

When I was younger I got calf cramps all the time. They would go all the way to my toes. It hurt so bad. I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming. I thankfully do not get those anymore. I do get cramps in my triceps sometimes, but not as bad as you describe or as I did in my legs.


I get cramps in calfs occasionaly at night.  I also get them in my feet.  I try to stretch my foot out to get it to go away.  I usually have to get up and walk around a little bit to get it stretched out though.


I know you exercise, so does it relate at all to when you exercise and/or the kind of exercise you do?  These may be myths, but I have also heard that cramps are a sign of some dehydration and can be helped with more water intake.  I also believe I had heard that "quinine," which is usually an ingredient of Tonic Water, also helps leg cramps.  Just make sure to buy the Diet Tonic Water and hold back on the Gin or Vodka, at least until you're of age.

Here's some info on leg cramps:  LEG CRAMPS

I get the spasms in my muscles too, but that's usually after I work the muscle group 1 or 2 days prior. My favorite is the tricep twitch. Can definitely relate with the calf cramp in the middle of the night...that usually happens to me when I decide to stretch my legs out (i.e. point toes down while on my back), but then you can feel it coming and make it stop..or at least hurt less by trying to point your toes back up at yourself which stretches your calfs (calves?) rather than contracting them :)


I haven't noticed any correlation between exercise and the spasms/cramps. I run three days a week, and just walk places or use my eliptical to get exercise in on other days. They seem to come on pretty randomly, so I don't think they're related to what exercise I do.

Interesting info on the dehydration thing. I have recently begun to limit my intake of diet soda, and have been drinking more water, so I think I'm hydrated enough. I'll have to try out the tonic water (although I don't really like it much) to see if I notice a difference. And don't worry, I don't plan on trying out any alcohol any time soon. (=

I'll have to try some of the remedies mentioned in that article. Who knows, maybe I have restless leg syndrome or something, because they do seem to come on for no apparent reason. I'll try out some of these things and see if there's a difference.

I get them. Like the other day I had one in my ear. It felt so weird. I also get them in my eyelid, fingers, legs, and arms.

I'm with you on both of those.

I am always getting those muscle spasms in my leg, usually the side of my high.
as far as the calf cramps..i used to get them like all the time. during my sports, if we did alot of running
then at night I would always get them.

If I were just drink alot of water.. thats what i always do and just have someone rub the calf, it feels good.


i used to get them SO bad when i was younger. i'd wake up a dead sleep and start screaming(my mom always says she should've put me in opera lessons cuz i've got the lungs for it) until it went away.

my mom always came running thinking someone was murdering me or something and then while i'd sob and scream, she'd rub the muscle until it relaxed. it was so painful, i'd wake up the next morning and still be sore.

i've always had really strong thick calves. it sucks. i think my brother had the same reaction to leg cramps when he was little too.

i don't get them often now, and i don't scream anymore(haha)..i have to bite down really hard to keep from screaming while i rub the muscle to try and get it to relax. hurts like a mofo. and i usually can't put too much weight on it the next day.


stupid legs. mom always called them 'growing pains'.

i'm 21, i've stopped growing..why can't they stop? lol

ha, i used to do the same thing. i'd scream really loud.

now if i get them i grab my pillow and bite it lol and i rub it out myself.
but yess it was very painful. and mine are always real sore the next day as well.

[quote user="Blaine Chapman"]

ha, i used to do the same thing. i'd scream really loud.

now if i get them i grab my pillow and bite it lol and i rub it out myself.
but yess it was very painful. and mine are always real sore the next day as well.


haha yeah i feel bad for my mom(and well our neighbours and my brother haha). i probably aged her quicker than she should've aged. between my diabetes and worrying about me and my brother...i was a screamer. as a baby, i would scream until she put my car seat on the dryer turned on and the second it turned off even if i was dead asleep i'd wake up and instandtly start screaming. my mom swears when i got the IV after being diagnosed, in the ER, that i woke the whole hospital with my scream.

i sometimes have to do the pillow bite too haha.


my calves are sore just thinking about it and im headed to the gym(finally) for some cardio..crap haha.

i get charlie horses all the time! they suck! i limp for about a whole day after i get one. they expecially hurt when your in a dead sleep and you wake up to one. and then you try bending your leg thinking that its gone away, and turns out... it hasn't! that is my favorite kind! jkjk

Oh they suck! u are not alone.

I actually had to change some meds as well. U are not an idiot.

i also used to wake up screaming.  I used to get them all the time..and sometimes is both legs at the same time.  Mine have gone away for the most part too.

The only time I really get "muscle spasms" is if I am getting a low and now aware of it. If that is the case I will sometimes lose the control needed to hold onto stuff or my hand starts to flap around, trying to do the job needed. I doubt this is the same thing you are experiencing.

The calf cramps I will get sometimes, but that is if I have had a major low when I sleep, like sweat pouring from the body little control of body low. This does not happen often or thankfully in the past few montgs. Anyway, when I recover it tends to to take my calves a few days to uncramp from the position they are in.

I definitely get those!  What helps is eating a lot of potassium (like bananas) and drinks like gatorade and powerade, along with stretching. 

I have issues with Banana's oddly enough. I truly will only eat them when they are in a certain cycle of ripening. Once they get past that point I avoid them. I never could figure out why that is though. So that being said, I tend not to waste money on that fruit.

Muscle Spasms... I hate them.  Yes, I get them often.  Rarely in the daytime.  I get them as soon as I jump into bed, Or I will wake up screaming.  I've noticed that I get them when my sugar levels are dropping quickly.  So I have learned to test my blood sugars as soon as I get that feeling of muscle tightness.  One way to release the muscle is by squeezing your Achilles Tendon (I think that is was its called), its the back back part of the lower leg right before the heel.  I was taught this by a nurse when I was In the hospital.  Sqeeze this area with your your thumb on one side and the the pointer finger on the other side .  Squeeze Hold and release.  This will usually relieve the pain and the muscle will be released.

omg thanx for mentioning this i always get those but one night i wuz watching tv and i have the omni pod and i felt like it was moving and then i looked at it and it was moving up and down  weird! lol